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    Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Composite Decking in Calgary

    We at Project Landscape have seen that the common misconception that people have about exterior features like decks is that they are maintenance-free. Composite decking in Calgary certainly needs less maintenance but would still need to be cleaned regularly. If you want to maximize the benefits of a…Read More

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    Landscaping Maintenance Tips For Spring

    March 20th will herald spring this year, and the weather has already begun to change. This also means, you might be getting back to your yard and gardening sooner than you think. We at Project Landscape are a full-service landscaping company that provides custom landscaping in Calgary services to cl…Read More

  3. year long commercial landscaping

    The Importance of Year-Long Commercial Landscaping

    When you think of landscaping, you may think of yard maintenance, mowing, irrigation, and the like. However, landscaping is much more than that, and it isn’t something that’s just limited to summer months either. Here at Project Landscape, we want your commercial property to look and be its best…Read More

  4. lawn care mistakes

    The Most Common Lawn Care Mistakes Homeowners Make

    For some, lawn care is one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to being a homeowner. Not only do people struggle with keeping weeds out of their yard, but keeping their lawn green and lush can be difficult as well. The truth is, you may be falling for some of the most common lawn maintenance m…Read More

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    If you are looking ways to spice things up and improve the look of your deck, then it’s about time you gave serious consideration to incorporating some features into that outdoor space. This can serve to make it even more livable and aesthetically-pleasing. There are a number of features that can …Read More

  6. Suburban Back Yard


    With some ideal landscaping ideas, you can indeed transform your home into something of a castle. There are a plethora of ideas that come to mind when it comes to deciding on which plan to follow through with when it comes to landscaping. And with most of them involving a significant degree of expen…Read More

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    Why Use Composite Decking In Calgary?

    Today, composite is a material that is widely used in various indoor and outdoor features on commercial and residential properties. While wood is still a favorite with many people, composite is fast gaining popularity, especially in the deck building space. We at Project Landscape are a leading comp…Read More

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    The Work Process Deck Builders in Calgary Follow In Their Projects

    If you are considering getting the outdoor areas of your home upgraded, a new deck can prove to be an excellent addition to your home. A deck is an excellent feature because it allows you to enjoy the outdoor spaces of your property while extending the indoor ones. We at Project Landscape are one of…Read More

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    Commercial Parking Lot Services in Calgary

    The range of commercial parking lot services vary from line painting, sweeping to maintenance and power washing. These services are meant to ensure that a property is kept clean, safe and functional for clients. Here are a few parking lot maintenance services that we at Project Landscape in Calgary …Read More

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    Types of Water Features For your Landscape in Calgary

    Adding a water feature to your landscape in Calgary can increase its appeal significantly. It can be as simple as a small reflecting pool or intricate as a waterfall with a fountain. We at Project Landscape offer a variety of options. Knowing the diffrent water feature categories makes the choosing …Read More