1. Composite-decking-calgary

    Composite Decks in Calgary

    Imagine being able to sit outside your home in the backyard on a new deck while you watch the world go by? How many gatherings could you have if only you had a deck that was going to help up to this! This is the end goal for many people. They want a deck that is going to allow them to have great tim…Read More

  2. calgary landscape backyard

    Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard This Summer

    A staycation is a great time to give a little TLC to the backyard where you will undoubtedly be spending a large portion of your time this summer. 7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Backyard Container plants will give a lot of interest to the area, especially if there are large hard surfaces.  Start with a m…Read More

  3. landscaping-calgary-lawn-care-

    Rustic Landscaping Tips

    Rustic landscaping is designed not to follow the rules and instead take on a naturalistic look. This means allowing moss to grow on the pathways, using materials such as wood and stones, and adding carefully thought out water features. Basically, rustic landscaping derives its inspiration from natur…Read More

  4. privacy-wood-fence-intallation-calgary-

    Privacy Fence Options

    The major reasons homeowners consider fence installation are for security and privacy.  A fence installed by a professional fence building company will offer not only peace of mind but will allow creativity and design to still showcase their landscape. There are many options available, but today we…Read More

  5. landscaping tips calgary

    Modern Landscaping Tips

    Modern landscapes are often characterized by clean straight lines, streamlined walkways and an uncluttered appearance. It’s a landscape where symmetry and geometry are the key elements. There are basically no curves and even the plants if any are placed in a neat row. It’s actually also consider…Read More

  6. traditional-landscaping-calgary-5f0dd67c14b1e

    Traditional Landscaping

    Unlike modern landscapes, traditional landscapes are timeless. Mostly, a traditional landscape is designed in such a way that it enhances the modern experience. It takes on a more natural approach. This means that you will find more trees and plants than you would in a modern landscape. Furthermore,…Read More

  7. Xeriscape-Landscaping-calgary-5f0dd43671e66

    Xeriscape Landscaping

    Xeriscape landscaping is all about water conservation. Look around you, and it won't take long before you realize over 50% of the water used in homes goes to the lawns and gardens.  Xeriscape landscaping is mainly meant for people living in areas that experience a long period of drought throughout …Read More

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    Keeping Your Lawn Green Throughout The Summer

    One of the more common horticulture questions is how to maintain a nice lawn during the summer months.  Here are a couple of tricks. Mowing Mow the grass to a height of 3 to 3 ½ inches.  That means you will probably need to adjust the wheel height of your lawn mower.  If you mow lower than 3 inc…Read More

  9. deck building install calgary landscape

    Deck Construction Tips

    A deck is one of the best ways to increase your space for entertaining or family enjoyment.  If you are thinking of adding one to your home, or changing the one you have, here are some things to think about. Deck Materials You will probably start by deciding the type of wood for the flooring.  Tra…Read More

  10. Landscape Experts Calgary

    5 Tips for Designing Your Dream Summer Deck

    It’s July and summer is officially in full swing here in Calgary. You know what that means: long summer nights spent on the deck with friends and family.  If you want to build a deck or add on to your current deck, then Project Landscape is the company for you. We handle landscape design, backyar…Read More