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    Benefits of Hiring Deck Builders in Calgary

    A beautiful deck can be the centerpiece of your outdoor entertaining. Increased home value – Homebuyers are looking for a place with possibilities.  When you get ready to sell, you have a strong bargaining element with a custom deck.  Depending on the materials used and the design, realtors esti…Read More

  2. concrete retaining wall calgary

    Looking for a Concrete Retaining Wall in Calgary?

    Retaining walls serve two purposes.  The first is structural to provide support to a vertical or steep slope.  The retaining wall will shore up the soil and prevent further erosion.  The second is the aesthetic of a landscape.  It can create a small garden or quiet area for respite.  It can coo…Read More

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    Commercial Snow Removal Services in Calgary

    As a business owner you recognize that it is important to keep your doors open to customers.  In the winter this means keeping the snow removed.  Employees and customers expect to find cleared walkways and plowed parking lots.  If this is done in a shoddy manner, it will reflect on you and your c…Read More

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    Looking for Snow Removal Services in Calgary?

    Winters in Calgary can be brutal and changes can happen with very little notice.  In order to comply with city regulations, everyone must have their walks cleared quickly. Working in the snow and ice can be dangerous for homeowners who are unused to this type of work.  While business owners may fe…Read More

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    Get Snow Removal in Calgary ASAP

    Every year Calgary residents feel they can safely remove the snow from their sidewalks, driveways and parking lots by themselves.  Every year, residents are injured during this process. Some of the common types of injuries include: Bone fractures Heart attacks Back injuries especially the lower bac…Read More

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    Calgary Landscape Maintenance

    Landscape maintenance in Calgary is significantly more than keeping the lawn mowed.  If it is beginning to feel overwhelming, consider a landscape maintenance company to help out.  Here are some of the services you can expect from Project Landscape. Clean Up In the spring our crew comes in to asse…Read More

  7. Landscape Design Tips for This Year

    Sometimes property owners wonder if it is really worth it to hire a professional landscape design company.  Here in Calgary, the answer is yes.  Landscaping can seem straightforward but in reality it takes an expert hand and eye to combine natural features with a human-made structure and incorpora…Read More

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    Looking for a Landscape Maintenance Company?

    If you are looking for someone to handle your landscape maintenance in Calgary, you are probably starting by using Google, Bing or other search engine.  Here is what you will find.  The first three to five will be ads and the next several will be large companies.  That is because the larger entit…Read More

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    Lawn Maintenance Tips in Calgary

    There are a lot of elements to proper lawn maintenance in Calgary not just mowing the grass every week or so.  Here are some: Fertilization Like all living things, turf needs nutrition.  One way to ensure healthy grass is to be sure it gets fertilized correctly.  A fast release fertilizer is a qu…Read More

  10. calgary snow removal services

    Snow Removal Services in Calgary

    It seems to be a futile effort to remove snow.  After all, it is just going to snow again and then it will melt away. In Calgary, all property owners are charged with removing snow and ice from any sidewalks or paths in front of the home or business within 24 hours of the snowfall or ice storm.  T…Read More