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    The Benefits of Wood Fencing

    Did you know that wood is one of your best fencing options? You may not be convinced yet, hence, we have written some of the benefits of wood fencing below in order to ensure that you make a decision as to whether a wood fence might be appropriate for your Calgary yard. Wood Fencing is Quite Afforda…Read More

  2. Landscape Experts Calgary

    Your Spring Landscaping Checklist

    The spring equinox was March 19th, which means that here in Canada, the flowers will start blooming in no time. Once the snow has melted and new life starts to emerge from the earth, you will want to spend all the time outside you can. That means that you will need to take the time to ensure your la…Read More

  3. sod installation calgary

    Sod Installation Tips

    If you have been considering sod installation in your Calgary landscape, but are wondering if it is worth it, here are some things to consider: Instant landscaping – You won’t need to seed and then wait for germination and sprouting.  There won’t be any bare spots.  It is the easiest way to …Read More

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    5 Great Types of Decks to Choose From

    Dura Deck provides a solution for your desk’s waterproofing problems. It’s made from a tough outdoor PVC-laminated material that has a polyester and Fiberglass backing. It lasts enduring, is slip-resistant, and low-maintenance after it’s installed. It’s weather-resistant, safeguards your woo…Read More

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    Types of Wood Fencing in Calgary

    Types of Wood Fencing in Calgary Cedar fences have natural characteristics which protect them from harsh winter climates.  These low-maintenance fences can be painted or stained. If you choose to paint it, repaint every five years. If you stain it, it’s every two years with a maximum of once a ye…Read More

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    Things to Consider When Hiring a Calgary Snow Removal Company

    The weather in Calgary and the surrounding areas is unlike the weather in many other regions of the world. The region experiences long and cold winters that can be erratic. People here may be forced to drop their tools and stay behind because of snow. To make sure this will not affect your business,…Read More

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    How to Choose a New Calgary Commercial Snow Removal Company

    I know you are already contemplating what to do the next winter especially if you own property in Calgary. The fact is that there’s a lot of snow in Calgary every winter. This doesn’t mean you won’t get peace of mind or your business will stop because of this. You just have to get out there an…Read More

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    Snow Removal in Calgary Services

    If you're looking for commercial snow removal services in Calgary, our team of snow removal experts can help you out. Your business cannot always afford to take the time off because of a snow day. That's why our team is available all winter long. We can help you keep your businesses open. We'll help…Read More

  9. Landscape Experts Calgary

    Avoid Liability with Snow Removal in Calgary

    As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to keep your customers and employees safe, not only because you care, but because it can be a major problem for the health of your business. If someone is injured due to your negligence in snow removal, your business may be liable.  Many busine…Read More