Robert Frost said that good fences make good neighbours, and there is certainly truth to that. Fences not only function to protect your property, they also add aesthetic value to your outdoor space. You want to make sure your fence matches the appearance of your home, stands up to the elements, and is built to last. When you contact Project Landscape for fence installation in Calgary, you can trust that what we construct for you will protect your property for years to come.

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    Calgary Fencing Experts

    At Project Landscape we have crews experienced in installing or repairing fences including those for: Residential Commercial Recreation Areas Agriculture Industrial Particularly for our residential and commercial clients, aesthetics are as important as the function.  That is why we stock or have ac…Read More

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    The Importance of Fence Building in Calgary

    There can be a number of reasons you are interested in having a fence on your property.  It protects you and your family from unwanted visitors as well as gives you a defined area for animals or even children.  It can help establish privacy or reduce noise or unattractive views. At Project Landsca…Read More

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    Privacy Fence Options

    The major reasons homeowners consider fence installation are for security and privacy.  A fence installed by a professional fence building company will offer not only peace of mind but will allow creativity and design to still showcase their landscape. There are many options available, but today we…Read More

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    Fence Installation Calgary

    There are probably dozens of reasons why someone would like to install a fence on their property in Calgary.  Some of these include: Safety of children and pets – You could be worried about some of the features that surround your home like ponds, lakes, steep hills, etc.  With a fence, that keep…Read More

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    What Type of Fences Are Best in Calgary?

    If you’re looking for a new fence in Calgary, there are a few options to choose from, and picking the right one really depends on your needs When embarking on a new fencing project, you have one major component to decide on: what type of fence to build! Each person has their own needs and desires …Read More

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    The Benefits of Wood Fencing

    Did you know that wood is one of your best fencing options? You may not be convinced yet, hence, we have written some of the benefits of wood fencing below in order to ensure that you make a decision as to whether a wood fence might be appropriate for your Calgary yard. Wood Fencing is Quite Afforda…Read More

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    Types of Wood Fencing in Calgary

    Types of Wood Fencing in Calgary Cedar fences have natural characteristics which protect them from harsh winter climates.  These low-maintenance fences can be painted or stained. If you choose to paint it, repaint every five years. If you stain it, it’s every two years with a maximum of once a ye…Read More

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    Fencing Versus Hedges

    You have a nice backyard but feel you would enjoy it more with some boundaries, fewer prying eyes from the street or neighbours.  You have two basic choices:  a privacy fence or hedge. Hedges This is usually a shrubbery that outlines the perimeter of your property.  Their use is centuries old and…Read More

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    Landscape Design Tips That Will Wow Calgary Buyers

    Some people consider landscaping as accessories, a luxury that they never consider investing. For some who love it, landscaping is part of their hobby and they want to give nature right care it deserves. Residents are proud of Calgary landscaping that is so amazing that every home seems to have a su…Read More

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    Tips for Hiring a Fence Builder in Calgary

    When hiring a fence contractor in Calgary, things can get overwhelming especially if you have never done it before. Many people just buy it once or twice and if the first time goes right, there are high chances that people will not get it again. In case you are looking for the Calgary fence contract…Read More