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    Project Landscape Staycation Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

    Every time summer hits, everyone is in a rush to book a summer vacation. Very few people know that they can bring that summer vacation closer to them with some fresh landscape designs on the residential homes. Even when it’s not summer yet, people tend to spend most of their time at home with fami…Read More

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    Landscape Design Tips That Will Wow Calgary Buyers

    Some people consider landscaping as accessories, a luxury that they never consider investing. For some who love it, landscaping is part of their hobby and they want to give nature right care it deserves. Residents are proud of Calgary landscaping that is so amazing that every home seems to have a su…Read More

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    If you are looking ways to spice things up and improve the look of your deck, then it’s about time you gave serious consideration to incorporating some features into that outdoor space. This can serve to make it even more livable and aesthetically-pleasing. There are a number of features that can …Read More


    With some ideal landscaping ideas, you can indeed transform your home into something of a castle. There are a plethora of ideas that come to mind when it comes to deciding on which plan to follow through with when it comes to landscaping. And with most of them involving a significant degree of expen…Read More

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    Types of Decks that Deck Builders in Calgary Can Build

    When you are planning the outdoor spaces of your home, your focus is on ensuring that the available space is used optimally and that all the features and installations are resilient, durable and cost-effective. This is where outdoor features such as decks come into the picture. A deck is arguably on…Read More

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    Project Landscape’s Expert Snow and Ice Management Services

    During the wintertime, many commercial property owners struggle with snow management and find that the snow and ice have a negative impact on their business. When it snows heavily it doesn’t become possible to simply shovel the snow from parking lots, driveway and other outdoor spaces of your comm…Read More

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    The Best Ways To Protect Your Landscaping During the Winter

    Winter time is when you need to shower a little more attention on all the features of your landscaping in Calgary. Here are some tips to help you protect your landscape during winter time: Remove All Debris And Rake The Leaves- Leaves and debris can smother the grass on your lawns and impact the gro…Read More

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    Benefits Of Using Composite Decking

    Wood decking has a certain charm. However, it requires very regular maintenance. Not only do you have to power wash it but also need to sand, repair, stain and seal it as and when required. Most homeowners today don’t have the luxury of time, and caring for a wooden deck can prove to be extremely …Read More

  9. Fall Landscaping Tips For Residential Landscapes

    When the cooler weather upon us, it’s important to start preparing your landscape for the harsh winter ahead. Hiring commercial landscaping Calgary experts like us at Project Landscape is one of the best ways to make sure your outdoor spaces are winter ready. Here are Some Fall Landscaping Tips Ou…Read More

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    Custom Residential Landscape Design in Calgary

    While it isn't impossible to design and install a landscape on your own, hiring the services of professionals for customized landscaping in Calgary design solutions is a great idea. There are a number of benefits to custom residential landscape design such as: Perfect Planning- Every property owner …Read More