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    Commercial Parking Lot Services in Calgary

    The range of commercial parking lot services vary from line painting, sweeping to maintenance and power washing. These services are meant to ensure that a property is kept clean, safe and functional for clients. Here are a few parking lot maintenance services that we at Project Landscape in Calgary …Read More

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    Types of Water Features For your Landscape in Calgary

    Adding a water feature to your landscape in Calgary can increase its appeal significantly. It can be as simple as a small reflecting pool or intricate as a waterfall with a fountain. We at Project Landscape offer a variety of options. Knowing the diffrent water feature categories makes the choosing …Read More

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    Pros and Cons of Composite Decking

    Each day more homeowners are joining the composite deck bandwagon of landscaping – comprising good waste, fillers and recycled plastic as the ultimate low-maintenance, eco-friendly solution for their outdoor/front door spaces. Also factor in the fact that the wood grain patterns and colors of the …Read More

  4. Pergolas-decks-composite-decking-calgary-landscaping-5c4b2510abcc7


    Pergolas have been around for a while and as their designs have evolved. The outdoor spaces in which they are installed have also seen a lot changes in their design. What has remained somewhat constant, however, is that they still form a common feature of many breathtaking landscapes and a myriad of…Read More

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    Fence Installation In Calgary

    Fences are an essential aspect of most commercial and residential landscapes. Not only do they act as a boundary for your property, but can also be installed to demarcate spaces within the landscape. Many property owners also like to get wooden fences installed along the periphery of their decks or …Read More

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    Winter Landscaping Tips

    The freezing temperatures during the wintertime wreak havoc on your landscape and all the features in it. This is the time your shrubs, plants and trees need some extra TLC. We recommend these tips when it comes to your landscaping in Calgary this winter: If there is any debris or leaves lying aroun…Read More

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    Types of Decks that Deck Builders in Calgary Can Build

    When you are planning the outdoor spaces of your home, your focus is on ensuring that the available space is used optimally and that all the features and installations are resilient, durable and cost-effective. This is where outdoor features such as decks come into the picture. A deck is arguably on…Read More

  8. Project Landscape’s Expert Snow and Ice Management Services

    During the wintertime, many commercial property owners struggle with snow management and find that the snow and ice have a negative impact on their business. When it snows heavily it doesn’t become possible to simply shovel the snow from parking lots, driveway and other outdoor spaces of your comm…Read More

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    How to Protect Your Potted Plants This Winter

    The winter months can be extremely harsh on your landscaping in Calgary. Most property owners focus on providing the right kind of protection to plants and bushes in the ground. However, they’re unsure about how to protect their potted plants from the frost, snow and ice when the temperature start…Read More