Landscaping can transform your outdoor space. An open yard offers a whole world of possibilities. You may envision an outdoor kitchen where you can cook for all your neighbours, a firepit where you can gather with your family, or tranquil water features to aid in your meditation practice. All of these options are possible when you work with Project Landscape.

Whether you’re looking for hardscaping, softscaping, garden installation, an outdoor kitchen, or outdoor lighting, we are experts at landscaping in Calgary. Contact Project Landscape for the yard of your dreams, and follow our blog for the latest news, tips, and tricks about landscaping in Calgary.

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    Rustic Landscaping Tips

    Rustic landscaping is designed not to follow the rules and instead take on a naturalistic look. This means allowing moss to grow on the pathways, using materials such as wood and stones, and adding carefully thought out water features. Basically, rustic landscaping derives its inspiration from natur…Read More

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    Modern Landscaping Tips

    Modern landscapes are often characterized by clean straight lines, streamlined walkways and an uncluttered appearance. It’s a landscape where symmetry and geometry are the key elements. There are basically no curves and even the plants if any are placed in a neat row. It’s actually also consider…Read More

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    Traditional Landscaping

    Unlike modern landscapes, traditional landscapes are timeless. Mostly, a traditional landscape is designed in such a way that it enhances the modern experience. It takes on a more natural approach. This means that you will find more trees and plants than you would in a modern landscape. Furthermore,…Read More

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    5 Tips for Designing Your Dream Summer Deck

    It’s July and summer is officially in full swing here in Calgary. You know what that means: long summer nights spent on the deck with friends and family.  If you want to build a deck or add on to your current deck, then Project Landscape is the company for you. We handle landscape design, backyar…Read More

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    6 of the Best Hardscape Ideas for Your Calgary Backyard Oasis

    Homes must not only exude beauty inside but outside as well and this is what landscaping can do for you! Use this amazing process to transform your yard or garden or premises outside into a pretty place by adding ornamental features and planting trees and shrubs. As a resident of the fantastic city …Read More

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    What to Expect During Your Landscape Construction Process

    It is 2020 and your project of new landscape construction to beautify your Calgary home is about to be realized! Your initial step is to finalize landscaping design before proceeding to the construction process. But do you have any idea what to expect next? Landscape construction preparation You hav…Read More

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    5 Reasons to Hire a Landscaper

    For a great number of people home ownership is a dream come true.  However, sometimes the exterior maintenance can become burdensome.  Other demands like family, job responsibilities, or physical restrictions make it difficult to accomplish.  For others, they simply do not enjoy landscaping maint…Read More

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    The 3 Best Landscape Design Styles for Calgary Homeowners

    When you get a good home, this is essentially where you will spend the rest of your lifetime. Most people focus on decorating the interior of the house and tend to care less about the outside. What we don't know is that an underlying landscape can be recreated into a stunning outdoor haven. You can …Read More