Landscaping can transform your outdoor space. An open yard offers a whole world of possibilities. You may envision an outdoor kitchen where you can cook for all your neighbours, a firepit where you can gather with your family, or tranquil water features to aid in your meditation practice. All of these options are possible when you work with Project Landscape.

Whether you’re looking for hardscaping, softscaping, garden installation, an outdoor kitchen, or outdoor lighting, we are experts at landscaping in Calgary. Contact Project Landscape for the yard of your dreams, and follow our blog for the latest news, tips, and tricks about landscaping in Calgary.

  1. Calgary Gardening- Tips & Tricks From The Professionals

      Calgary Gardening- Tips & Tricks From The Professionals Now that Calgary winter is over, it’s time to start thinking about an organic garden. There are so many benefits to having your own garden  including avoiding GMO’s and pesticides, saving money, showing children where food comes…Read More

  2. 5 Fall Preparation Tips for Your Landscaping

    Even though fall is still far away, we want to ensure you know what to do when the time comes! There’s more to lawn maintenance than just cutting the grass during summer and raking the leaves in autumn. As a matter of fact, the fall months are an ideal time to work in the yard. But it’s not just…Read More

  3. Tips for a Gorgeous Lawn

    As one of Calgary’s premier landscaping companies, we see a lot of lawns. We figure there are roughly three kinds of homeowners. First are those who, well, basically don’t do anything. Their lawns look terrible, and everybody in the neighborhood gives them the side-eye because they bring down pr…Read More

  4. Landscaping: Suggestions for Avoiding Winter Problems

    When most of us think of landscaping, we think of a sunny summer day cutting the grass and clipping the hedges. We might think of autumn and spending an afternoon or two raking leaves. But when winter hits...pretty much nothing happens. That’s normal, right? Well, if keeping your lawn looking its …Read More