Landscaping can transform your outdoor space. An open yard offers a whole world of possibilities. You may envision an outdoor kitchen where you can cook for all your neighbours, a firepit where you can gather with your family, or tranquil water features to aid in your meditation practice. All of these options are possible when you work with Project Landscape.

Whether you’re looking for hardscaping, softscaping, garden installation, an outdoor kitchen, or outdoor lighting, we are experts at landscaping in Calgary. Contact Project Landscape for the yard of your dreams, and follow our blog for the latest news, tips, and tricks about landscaping in Calgary.

  1. lilac bushes calgary

    Top Benefits of Lilac Bushes in Calgary

    If you are thinking about adding shrubbery to your landscape, one of the best choices is a lilac bush. The common lilac (Syringia Vulgaris) will flourish in Alberta’s climate.  Filled with heady aroma, the flowers bloom in the spring and can be enjoyed in a cut flower arrangement or left on the t…Read More

  2. deck-house-calgary-composite-decking-landscaping-calgary-5c6d6dd13cbd6

    Landscape Design Tips That Will Wow Calgary Buyers

    Some people consider landscaping as accessories, a luxury that they never consider investing. For some who love it, landscaping is part of their hobby and they want to give nature right care it deserves. Residents are proud of Calgary landscaping that is so amazing that every home seems to have a su…Read More

  3. calgary-landscaping-backyard-party-5d12260840d0e

    Creating the Ultimate Backyard Party Spot

    We all love having a good time and the best way to do so is by throwing a party. You don’t need to have a party at the club for it to be exciting. There are a couple of things that you can do and turn your own backyard into the perfect party spot. Backyard parties are the best especially during th…Read More

  4. The-Beauty-of-Landscaping-in-Calgary-5cffe17575bad

    The Beauty of Landscaping in Calgary

    Beauty of Landscaping The surrounding external features of your home takes on a personal approach. It doesn't look amazing if your space isn't landscaped properly. Landscaping plays a fundamental role in adding to the aesthetics of you home, your yard is an extension of your home beauty. It looks wo…Read More

  5. 2019-landscaping-trends-calgary-5cfe6ac025b01

    Top 10 2019 Calgary Landscape Design Trends Part Two    

    I do know for a fact that we all love having a beautiful garden or yard in our homes. Creating that breathtaking landscape at your space can be a daunting task for sure. This does not mean that it is impossible. All you need is some inspiration and proper information on how to put any landscape desi…Read More

  6. Calgary-Landscape-Design-Trends-5cd98c184ced5

    Top 10 2019 Calgary Landscape Design Trends

    There are many landscape design trends that are popping up this year. The key trends all aim for the same purpose which is making outdoor spaces better and enjoyable. To put you in the know I have compiled everything you need to know about landscape design trends for 2019. Low maintenance landscapin…Read More

  7. deck builders Calgary

    How To Find The Best Deck Builders in Calgary

    Getting a deck built involves having the right design and plans, choosing the right materials, more importantly, it about choosing the right deck builders in Calgary. We at Project Landscape are a reliable and reputable company that has been providing high quality deck building services to commercia…Read More

  8. landscape-maintenance-calgary-5ccf1cc8c6e3d

    What’s Involved in Landscaping Maintenance?

    Your property gets a lift when it has a well-maintained landscape. The outdoor areas of your commercial property add to its value and help you maintain your reputation as a business that’s serious about what it does. Maintaining your landscaping in Calgary is no mean feat, especially if the ground…Read More