Your lawn is a point of pride, so you want to make sure it’s in tiptop shape. But caring for your lawn can feel like a full-time job. Most homeowners don’t have time to keep on top of spring and fall clean up, deep core aeration, mowing the lawn, installing mulch, and maintaining landscaping features.

Fortunately, the skilled landscapers at Project Landscape are here to help Calgary homeowners. We offer a vast array of lawn care services that will keep your outdoor space looking fresh without taking up all your time. If you’re in the market for lawn care in Calgary, we would love to help you. Contact us for a consultation, and follow our blog for the latest lawn care news.

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    4 Benefits to Over Seeding Your Lawn

    Another way to maintain the magnificent lawn of your Calgary home is over seeding. This method is planting directly grass seeds over the existing turf, without tearing up the grass or the soil. Bare spots are easily filled, the density is improved by the turf, kinds of grasses and the color of the l…Read More

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    3 Steps to Green Grass this Season

    Spring is here! But look at your wilted dry-looking tired lawn. You will frustrated that you will never win that Yard of the Month sign from the homeowners association that you have been wishing for. You grass does not look as green or health as your neighbors. What could be the problem? Be prepared…Read More

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    The Benefits of Laying Sod

    Are you looking at your neighbour’s immaculate lawn and wishing you had the same?  Sod is professionally grown grass that you can lay on your own lawn, and it comes with a number of benefits to seeding or other methods. Though the initial installation cost of sod is higher than seeding, it’s ea…Read More

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    Sod Installation Tips

    If you have been considering sod installation in your Calgary landscape, but are wondering if it is worth it, here are some things to consider: Instant landscaping – You won’t need to seed and then wait for germination and sprouting.  There won’t be any bare spots.  It is the easiest way to …Read More

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    How To Create Low-Maintenance Landscaping This Spring

    Most people dream of having an elaborate garden. But they shrug the thought off because they have either no time to spare or feel it to be a huge effort. What they forget is that they can always opt for low-maintenance landscaping in Calgary that can make their dream come true. A low maintenance gar…Read More

  6. Why you should hire a professional lawn care company

    Lawn Care – Do-It-Yourself Vs. Professional Care In today’s world, the craze for DIY is increasing day by day and there is many who think they can tackle the lawn care too on their very own. A gaze at the lawn  might make it look very simple and the process of maintaining as per a DIY enthusias…Read More