Your lawn is a point of pride, so you want to make sure it’s in tiptop shape. But caring for your lawn can feel like a full-time job. Most homeowners don’t have time to keep on top of spring and fall clean up, deep core aeration, mowing the lawn, installing mulch, and maintaining landscaping features.

Fortunately, the skilled landscapers at Project Landscape are here to help Calgary homeowners. We offer a vast array of lawn care services that will keep your outdoor space looking fresh without taking up all your time. If you’re in the market for lawn care in Calgary, we would love to help you. Contact us for a consultation, and follow our blog for the latest lawn care news.

  1. artificial turf calgary

    Why is Using Artificial Grass the Best

    Are you considering using an artificial grass Calgary service? Then you have chosen the best option as artificial turf has loads of benefits. The best part is it looks great, and if you find a drought-taking place, your lawn still looks great. But, that is not all; using artificial grass in Calgary …Read More

  2. artificial lawn calgary

    Thinking about Getting Artificial Grass in Calgary?

    When it comes to your grass at your Calgary home or business, more than likely you are always looking for ways in which you can make it easier to deal with, yet still, hold the beauty that you desire. One of the suggestions that we make to our clients who are wanting a great-looking yard with less m…Read More

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    Full Season Lawn Care Programs

    When it comes to lawn care in the Calgary area, there are plenty of things that you can do yourself or hire a professional to handle for you. Here at Project Landscape we offer a full-season lawn care program that is meant to have your lawn looking amazing year-round. While you may see fertilizer an…Read More

  4. Landscape Maintenance

    Why Should You Choose Calgary Professionals for Landscape Maintenance?

    Summer months are for spending time outside all day and even in the evening. You can spend quality time with your family and friends if you have a well-maintained landscape. But, the task of landscape maintenance is not as easy as it seems. Why should you choose us for landscape maintenance? We offe…Read More

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    4 Benefits of Professional Lawn Care Services in Calgary

    Do you want to get rest on weekends, but you can’t get it as you are busy mowing and edging your lawn? Well, maintenance of the lawn is an important task. You can’t ignore it, or else it will impact the overall look of your lawn. In this article, we have come up with some of the best tips that c…Read More

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    Calgary Landscape Maintenance Tips

    Keeping a beautiful landscape through the season is a lot of work.  The value comes in pride in your property and a welcoming atmosphere for guests, family, clients, and onlookers. A healthy landscape is easy when you hire professionals.  They will assign a team to maintain your lawn, flowers, and…Read More

  7. How to Prepare Your Lawn For the Spring and Summer

    Here in Calgary, winters can be long and cold, but we all know how gorgeous our summers are! Yet, at the end of this long winter, our lawns will be brown and trying to come back to life. How do you prepare your lawn for the incoming spring and summer? In this blog, we will go over seven ways in whic…Read More

  8. lawn care services calgary

    5 Good Reasons for Hiring a Lawn Care Service Company in Calgary

    If you spend a lot of your weekend time trying to mend your lawn, then you should let professionals take care of them. Lawn care services in Calgary can care of all your gardening needs while you enjoy your weekend. There are many benefits of hiring professionals, and some of them include: Reduce th…Read More

  9. fall landscaping tips calgary

    6 Important Fall Gardening Tips For Your Lawn

    A little planning and preparing can rev up and help your lawn be ready for the winter. And Fall is the best time to clear out your lawn beds, manage  the quality of the soil, get sod ready, and minimize issues in the new growing season. It is also the perfect time to plant spring-blooming bulbs and…Read More

  10. calgary lawn care landscape

    How to Naturally Kill Weeds

    Having a perfect, green lawn is quite the achievement to brag about. It takes hard work and dedication. But most of all, patience. Why? Because the sun helps all plants grow, even those pesky weeds that insult all the hard work and money you’ve put into your lawn. In this blog, we are going to tal…Read More