Do you struggle to maintain your lawn? Whether you haven’t gotten your mower out if a few weeks or your flower beds are looking thirsty, there are plenty of reasons why you should prioritize lawn maintenance. However, you’re busy, and if you can’t seem to find time for lawn maintenance, you’re not alone.

At Project Landscape, we are happy to provide a solution to this issue with our lawn maintenance services in Calgary. We are happy to come weekly to your residence to make sure your lawn is in tiptop shape. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing, and follow our blog to keep up to date on the latest lawn maintenance tips and tricks.

  1. Tips to Help You Prepare for Spring

    While the temperatures were brutal this winter, Alberta can walk away this year saying that we’ve overcome a very mild winter compared to years prior. As it seems, there are signs of spring that are already showing around the city. Now that this is starting to happen, the team at Project Landscape…Read More

  2. Hiring a Lawn Care Service is a Must!

    As much as we all love a perfectly trimmed lawn, watered and blooming flowers, and freshly poured mulch, life can get in the way. For those who are passionate about a beautiful lawn, there’s always a lawn maintenance service for when you’d rather sit back and relax than do yard work. So whether …Read More

  3. More Tips for a Gorgeous Lawn

    When it comes to lawn care, it can feel like some people have a green thumb. They seem to have an intuitive grasp of plants and their care. You don’t have to be a master in landscape design in order to make your lawn look beautiful. You just need to know what and when to do certain things. But you…Read More