As a business owner, your priority is the safety of your staff and customers. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that you prioritize snow removal for your Calgary business. We understand that every business is unique in their snow and ice management needs, which is why we don’t offer a one-size-fits-all product. Whether you own a retail business, a healthcare facility, or a commercial office space, keep everyone safe by prioritizing effective snow removal.

When you hire Project Landscape for snow removal in Calgary, you can trust us to do so efficiently and effectively, allowing you to worry less about the safety of your property and more about what really counts: running your business. Contact us for more information, and follow our blog to keep up to date on our commercial snow and ice management services.

  1. emergency snow removal calgary

    Looking for Emergency snow removal?

    There are many reasons why it is important for a Calgary commercial enterprise to remove snow from sidewalks, entryways, parking lots, and driveways.  Most companies make arrangements early in the season.  However, there are times when those plans fall through.  Perhaps it was assigned to an empl…Read More

  2. parking lot maintenance calgary

    Parking Lot Maintenance in Calgary

    Just because it snows, you business does not stop.  Your employees still need to have a safe place to park and walk to the shop, office, or plant.  Clients and customers still need to have access to your establishment. Bylaws as you are probably very aware, Calgary bylaws require all parking areas…Read More

  3. snow removal calgary

    Snow Removal in Calgary

    Calgary has bylaws that include a 24-hour timeframe to clear your sidewalks after a snowfall.  This is designed for the safety and consideration of all those who use pathways on a regular basis.  If you do not comply, you face warnings and then penalty assessments. Instead of worrying and dreading…Read More

  4. commercial snow removail calgary

    Why You Should Hire a Commercial Snow Removal Service

    Every winter property owners prepare for snow and ice removal.  For both commercial and residential owners the risk of injury to themselves or others is a critical reason to remove the snow and ice as soon as possible.  Removing the snow by yourself is certainly an option, but it is far better to …Read More

  5. commercial-snow-plowing-calgary-

    What to Look for in Commercial Snow Plowing

    In less than half a year, we are going to experience the winter with heavy snow and ice.  Based on what we have witnessed in the last years, we can expect that this ice and snow can interfere with our activities in one way or the other. For this reason, most people and especially the business owner…Read More

  6. snow-removal-sidewalks-

    What to Look for in Snow Removal on Pedestrian Walkways

    We expect that the coming winter there will be a lot of snow and Ice on the crosswalks and the sidewalks. To make these places passable and safe, we have to, first of all, start by getting a good snow removal company to take the task. What becomes difficult is the process of spotting a nice and high…Read More

  7. shopping-mall-snow-removal-

    5 Snow and Ice Management Tips Calgary Shopping Centers

    We all know that the winter season comes with heavy snow or ice and we have to act fast in order to maintain our properties. With that said, this is never an easy task. Snow piles up pretty fast and can get to overwhelming levels in a split second. That is why you will need proper snow and ice manag…Read More

  8. commercial snow removal calgary

    5 Best Practices for Choosing a Snow and Ice Management Partner

    With so many unpredictable climatic changes, you never know which time you will need snow and ice management services the most. Some regions including Calgary and her neighboring areas experience colder and longer winters which is the reason why you should always be prepared. You need to be very rea…Read More

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    Commercial Snow Removal Services in Calgary

    As a business owner you recognize that it is important to keep your doors open to customers.  In the winter this means keeping the snow removed.  Employees and customers expect to find cleared walkways and plowed parking lots.  If this is done in a shoddy manner, it will reflect on you and your c…Read More

  10. snow removal services in calgary

    Looking for Snow Removal Services in Calgary?

    Winters in Calgary can be brutal and changes can happen with very little notice.  In order to comply with city regulations, everyone must have their walks cleared quickly. Working in the snow and ice can be dangerous for homeowners who are unused to this type of work.  While business owners may fe…Read More