Cochrane was named after senator “Matthew Henry Cochrane”, the man who established the Cochrane ranch in 1881.

Just to the west of Calgary, this town has massed in population over the last 10 years, with a population jump of 47% from 2011-2016. Despite Cochran’s population growth, many residents are resisting the “city” designation. Preferring to stay a friendly town.

Project landscape has dedicated ourselves to serving our clients with our unmatched customer service and quality of work. We are committed to becoming part of the community.

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Dedication to customer service goes a long way in the city of Calgary. We have flourished with customer reviews and know that kind of news spreads fast. Having the opportunity to work in a small town environment like Cochrane, where everyone knows everyone we are sure the news will spread like wild flower. From our unmatched customer service level to our attention to detail gives Cochrane residents the small town customer service they deserve.

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