Project Landscape is a commercial irrigation contractor that serves the business community in Calgary and surrounding areas. We maintain, install and design irrigation systems for all types of properties.

Our irrigation and water management programs are an ongoing measure to keep your system efficiently working, to make sure your plants and turf receive the right amount of water and to save your business money.

Irrigation and water management services we provide include:

Irrigation startups:

Every spring, a routine system check should be performed before the watering cycle begins. Each irrigation zone should be checked to ensure that it’s functioning properly. Included in our spring start up is adjusting sprinkler heads, so that the proper amount of water is placed where needed, programming your timer box and completely checking over the system with our 20 point inspection service. 

Irrigation maintenance and repairs: 

Keeping up on proper maintenance is an essential part to keep your system in top working condition. Weather can, and often does change quite rapidly in Calgary. Too much rain and your cycle will be shortened, not enough, and we would need to make adjustments to protect your investment.

Irrigation winterization:

An important part of irrigation services is winterization, this service is performed in the fall to get your system ready for the winter season. Winterizing your irrigation system is a crucial, to prevent damage due to freezing. Project Landscape double checks all the zones to make sure the maximum amount of water is removed.

Irrigation upgrades – Smart technology:

Lots of Calgary commercial properties still have older systems installed and in good running order. With today’s advancements in irrigation systems, our crews can improve your system with upgrades such as smart controllers. Upgrading your system to today’s standards will end up reducing your water usage and save you money.

If you’re a business owner or commercial property manager and are located in Calgary or surrounding areas, Project Landscape would be more than happy to provide you with a custom irrigation quote.

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Commercial Water Management:


Surface and sub surface water can be a major issue and can cause damage to your property inside and out. Most commonly, drainage issues are caused by improper grades. By repairing your grade and diverting the water with proper slopes can save you a lot of headaches.

Some signs of poor drainage include:

  • Standing water or puddles in the landscape or lawn
  • Plants that are yellow, wilted, or appear unhealthy
  • Discolored grass or patches of unhealthy turf
  • Ruts and soft muddy areas


  • French drains
  • Catch basins
  • Downspout drainage
  • Solid drains
  • Grading

Water wise landscape enhancements:

Keep up your curb appeal all while saving our greatest resource. At Project Landscape we can transform your landscape into a budget saving machine. With our smart irrigation systems, low water use plants and our extensive expertise and knowledge in landcaping

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