Decks are a great addition to your home.  They allow for outdoor entertaining and personal respite.  They add value to the property.  If you don’t currently have a deck and are thinking of incorporating one into your landscape, here are some things to consider.

Be Legal – The first thing is to find out if your municipality or province will require a permit.  If so, what will you need to present?  There can also be some requirements about space to the property line or setback regulations.  A few phone calls can save you much grief.

Learn the Lingo – If you are planning to get estimates to have the deck built, you need to understand the terms the builder is using.  If you don’t understand, ask questions.  If they can’t explain it to your satisfaction, think about whether this is the company you want to work with.  If you are planning to tackle the project yourself, you need to be able to talk with the suppliers so you get the right materials.  Big box stores may give you the right price, but the person helping you load your cart may have little or no knowledge of how to actually build anything.calgary deck builders

Start at the Bottom – The foundation is critical for safety.  Remember that this structure will be supporting the weight of a number of people, plus furniture, potted plants and other items.  You need to know the composition of the soil so that you can provide the best foundation.  The support pilings should be secured into concrete for the best stability.

Surface – You will need to decide whether to use wood or composite for the planks that will form the floor of your deck.  Composite is a plastic material that can be used for the floor only, not the supports.  It is expensive but it has a long lifespan, only needs power washing every year or so.  Wood is the traditional choice.  If you go that route, you have a lot of options like pressure treated or natural wood.  There are varieties of wood, each with its own benefits like red cedar, white cedar, Hemlock and Douglas fir.

These are some of the first things you need to bear in mind as you start the planning for your new deck.  There are many, many more details to consider.   If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry.  Contact us at Project Landscape in Calgary.  We have experts who are happy to discuss your plans and who can give solid advice.  Even better, we can complete the project for you so you will be certain the job is done correctly.