If you can dream it, we can build it!

If you have a unique design or special feature you would like incorporated into your small building, we’ll make it happen. We offer a collection of different Calgary sheds to go along with varying styles of landscaping. Be it a garden shed, or just an ordinary tool shed, a guest house type shed, or just a storage shed. We will help to customize and design different sheds according to your liking and preferences.

When looking for a custom shed, there are things that you need to consider. The first thing is the location where you plan to place the shed. The second thing is the size of the shed. You can pick any size or style of Calgary sheds to match your landscaping style. We will help you in choosing the different sizes of custom sheds to fit the area in your yard. Also, you can customize your shed to the very last detail. From the color to the size and different options, a custom shed will be the perfect addition to your space.

Having different options of storage spaces helps to add value to your place. Moreover, it also enables you to keep everything around your place in a more organized manner. It is the reason why the addition of a custom shed to your site is going to prove precious. They also work to keep all your outdoor equipment safely stored in one place.

Custom sheds come in all shapes and sizes; it is the reason why when getting a custom shed made, if you have limited space in your backyard, then you can get a smaller shed installed. The thing with custom sheds is that you cannot just use them for storage purposes only. The addition of doors and windows in a custom shed gives you ample room for potting flowers and plants to give a lovely outlook. With plentiful options of customization, you can creatively get a shed built in order to match with the landscaping surroundings.

We design the bespoke structures of our custom sheds, keeping in view the different weather conditions. It is why you will get amazed by the husky solid build of our custom sheds. Trust us when we say that investing in an excellent high-quality, weather-resistant custom shed lasts for the years to come. We build custom sheds from a pressure-treated wooden frame having a smart board exterior. After the installation of the smart board, you can easily get your custom shed painted at a small additional cost.

Installation of windows and doors has a separate charge.

Custom sheds are primarily used for storage purposes. But, an artfully constructed custom shed will be an ideal addition to your space, adding to the overall appeal of your landscape. As it is more than just a space for storage. With careful planning and selection, you can transform your shed into a nice relaxing place for you. Plus, it also serves as a focal point of your landscape.