There are many benefits to enjoy when you have a fence installed around your property. Not only does it add up to your property’s appeal, but it can also boost your home value and promote privacy. In addition, having a fence prevents children and pets from wandering about without supervision.

Here are some smart fence installation tips to ensure a good balance between style and durability:

  1. Know Fencing Requirements and Plan Carefully

Just like any other home improvement project, you can’t just skip to the good part. The planning process is just as important as the installation, as this allows you to choose the best materials and style for your fence.

Here are two simple questions to ask yourself before installation:

  • Why do I need the fence?
  • What style and materials should I use?

The first question highlights your objective. This makes it easier to decide on what fencing style to adopt. For keeping pets and children in, it is best to go for tall fences with little to no gaps, while the classic picket or thigh-high fence is best for simple division. For those who want to block street views or sounds, however, installing a privacy fence would be the best option.

  1. Prep Fencing Elements Before Installing

Seal, stain, and apply finishing first before installing your fence. This gives it the highest possible protection needed against wear-and-tear. Avoid clear topcoats as this doesn’t do much and will only cause blistering over time.

If you’ve hired a professional fence installer, ask them to deliver the materials to your home a few days early so that you have time to prep the materials.

  1. Leave a Gap Between the Fence and the Ground

Dragging the fence will only speed up its deterioration because of insect infestation. Thus, a four-to-six-inch gap between the railing and the ground is ideal. Although the fence will eventually settle after the installation, keeping them upright from the start prevents it from attracting bugs. Plus, doing so provides ample space for ventilation and growing grass.

  1. Attach Caps on Your Fence Posts

Not only can caps give a clean and sophisticated look to your fence, but it also protects your fence from rapidly deteriorating during the rainy season. Rainwater and moisture are some of the elements that can wear out your fence the quickest. However, by attaching metal caps or by having rounded surfaces, water will simply slide off and cause little to no harm to your fence.

  1. Stabilize Gates

Last but not the least, make sure that your gates are reinforced to make them last longer. For one, installing a diagonal cross bracing is great to keep it from sagging. You can also attach a spring hinge so that it can swing itself shut in case you or your family forget to do so.

With these tips in mind, enjoy a long-lasting and stylish-looking fence that caters to all of your needs. Remember, rushing only leads to problems along the way. Thus, it is best to take it step-by-step and enjoy the process.

If you need help with your fence installation project, contact our Calgary Landscaping team today.