Sooner in Calgary, days will become longer and nights will become warmer. Do you need to wait till this time before you plan your landscape project? A lot of homeowners spent the last summer will a regret of not having a well-planned and organized landscape in their home in Calgary.

There are lots of activities you can plan for your outdoor such as family barbeque, alfresco dinner party or coffee. Hence, there is a need for you to properly plan and organize your outdoor spaces. For guidance, check the following 6 hottest landscape design trends in 2017 for your outdoor living in Calgary. Our Calgary Landscaping pros are here to help!


In Calgary, your outdoor spaces can be useful for you throughout the year if it is properly designed. This can be done by crafting an outdoor room to act as your own paradise which would be an extension of your indoor living space. Add some materials that fit with your home’s architecture and key them into your landscape design, such as the patio and fire feature. Deck installation, railing, fencing, privacy screens are also fantastic ways to spice up your new outdoor living space.

Generally, outdoor rooms should be scaled and tailored to fit your property size and entertainment needs. Hence, consider these three basic dimensions; overhead, ground plane, and views/backdrop. Enhance them with beautiful color paintings, furnishes, and designs. Before adding features like water, fire or art element, consider the effect they will have on your indoor and your neighbors in Calgary


In case you don’t know, barkman pavers are gaining attention in Calgary. They are made up of ¾” thick tiles that can withstand the weather condition of Calgary while they are as well durable and easy to clean. Depending on your Calgary home design, these pavers are available in different styles, color and patterns that go with any pallet, be it traditional or contemporary. The barkman line is a top notch for walkways, patios, rooftops, and every other space in your home with high traffic.  Concrete installations are also a new introduction is indeed a great addition to Calgary landscapes.


This is the latest trend in Calgary that has come to stay. The major aim of this trend is to make your landscape sustainable and environmentally friendly. Hence, you should consider adding water-efficient irrigation, LED lighting, permeable pavers, and also xeriscaping. Prepare spaces for edibles and composting in your garden. Nevertheless, sustainability is not a must. Yet, do the little you can.


Spice up your Calgary home landscape with modern designs. Seek beyond the local and sleek furnishing and think extensively of modern ones. These modern and trending features include modern fire features, Italian porcelain tiles, mixing materials, Mexican beach pebbles, and LED lighting. When it comes to the planting of shrubs, grasses or perennials, a linear way is a modern style of planting them. Generally, a modern landscape is a better solution to small outdoor space in Calgary.


Combining decorations and designs for your outdoor is another trending fashion for landscape in 2017.Combining, steel, wood, sand, concrete will add elegance and character to your landscape.


When it comes to planting, you need to think about textures. Beautiful barks, large-leaf plants, and ornamental grasses are simple ways to add texture to your garden in Calgary. Think of the shape, size, and color of your garden plants and see how they can blend together in all the four seasons.

These are the basic 2017 design trends for your landscape in Calgary.

If you are looking for commercial landscape enhancements, residential landscape construction or perhaps something more specific, please do not hesitate to reach out to Project Landscape Ltd. We are here to help!