5 Hot Patio Ideas for Your Calgary Home

Calgary is a home to outdoor lovers. The majority of the homes in Calgary have a well-developed and well-managed patio system in their outdoor. Isn’t it fun to go outside your house in Calgary and see your patio designed like a mini world? Having a well-designed patio will not only add value to your house but also add a touch of elegance while making it fun and enjoyable for you and your family at large.

Our Calgary Landscapers have highlighted 5 simple but great patio ideas for sprucing up your patio.

Add a Patio pond

Adding water to your patio in Calgary makes it fun and exciting at the same time. It makes your environment peaceful and serene. Visit your local home and garden store in Calgary and look for a patio-sized water pond. Also, water gardens with a recirculating pump are advantageous as you and your family stand to enjoy the sound of water as it trickles over the stone. Pretty amazing huh?

Build Your Patio under a Pergola

In case you have a tree with large shade in your backyard, you can build your patio under a Pergola. This would serve as a shade for you in the Calgary hot weathers. If you don’t have this type of tree in your backyard, you can plant shade patios such as caladiums and hostas around the patios.

Add a Paving Stone Path

Another nice idea for your patio in Calgary is planting sweet-scented plants along the path to your patio. It is always nice to smell the aroma of licorice-scented sprays of hyssop or arching stalks of flowering tobacco. Walking through this breeze while you make your way to your seat will help you relax and enjoy your patio a little more.

Add a Hammock

Hammock is a special type of furniture you should have on your patio in Calgary. There are different types of Hammock based on size, shape, color, usage, and material. However, the choice depends solemnly on your budget. The only problem with Hammock is which and how many to get for your patio. Below are some ideas in form of questions to assist you in narrowing down your requirements for hammock.

  1. Is there enough space on your patio for a hammock? If not, you should consider a hammock chair since it requires a little space
  2. Do you want a fixed or movable hammock? If you want something you can move all around your patio or garden in Calgary, then you should consider a hammock with wheel kits
  3. Do you want a hammock made of rope, fabric, padded, quilted or hand-woven?
  4. Do you plan using the hammock for indoor or outdoor purpose? If it is for outdoor purpose, then you should consider a water-resistant hammock, preferably the one made of polyester fabric.
  5. Do you need a sturdy and strong hammock? How many people will be using it?
  6. Would you prefer branded hammocks such as Hatteras Hammocks, Pawley’s Island Rope Hammocks, etc.?

Add Carpet to Your Patio

You can easily find water-resistant rugs for outdoors in your local stores in Calgary. They are available in different size and shape, this allows you to add a taste of elegance to your patio and is one of the easiest patio ideas you should implement. When making your carpet selection, prioritize those made from recycled materials so that they will not only be creative but environmentally friendly.

Finally, if you are looking forward to improving your patio and transforming your entire home look in Calgary, the above-identified ideas are worth trying.  If you need a Landscaping Service In Calgary to complete the task, Project Landscape Ltd. can help!