Homes must not only exude beauty inside but outside as well and this is what landscaping can do for you! Use this amazing process to transform your yard or garden or premises outside into a pretty place by adding ornamental features and planting trees and shrubs. As a resident of the fantastic city of Calgary, you know how much Calgary landscape beautifies homes into a place for family to appreciate the gift of nature.

Hardscaping and you

Hardscaping is the man-made features used in landscape architecture. Paths or walks, as well as patios, decks or retaining walls, are used in contrasted with the use of plants, vines and flowers. Whether landscape or hardscape, you will satisfy your aesthetic sense with lovely sights. Outdoor activities, with your hardscape as perfect setting, are also good for your health and great benefit for your environment.

6 hardscape ideas

With the coming Holidays, it is time for you to look over backyard and create the best Calgary backyard oasis. These 6 tips will you clinch this new project.

  • Use natural setting

Make the most of your outdoor oasis by utilizing the trees and foliage around your place. Follow the lines of your garden and structures that are close to your home and make this cultivated area blend with the trees surrounding your garden.

  • Water feature is cool

There will always be water in your garden; utilize this as great and cool feature in your hardscape. Water makes wonderful décor such as a well-designed pond or artistic fountain. This is not too expensive as to break your bank account but gives your house a look of luxury. With the right instruction, you can even install it yourself.backyard-landscape-design-calgary-5efa393b8c4a8

  • Fencing for privacy

Get privacy in your own front yard by constructing a fence around the property line. Have flowering plants to make it an instant bower. Installing an overhang on your front porch will offer more shade or shelter.

  • More interesting ideas

Adding fences and waterfalls are permanent features to enhance the looks of your front yard. Here are other interesting items you add: consider placing an old rusty wagon and some wooden benches. A good way make use of this item is to determine if it complements the design of your home and keep the theme consistent.

  • Eye-catching patios/decks

Patios and decks have always been part of landscaping/landscaping. Place a tiny patio further out in the yard for an illusion of space. Take advantage of views or make it your private zone. Decks in your backyard, make the whole outdoor space look better and the best place for a pair of chaise lounges and an outdoor conversation set to relax after a hard day in the office. It goes a long way in give your home a touch of elegance. You can add many objects to create an interesting look. Use your imagination to have an amazing design.

  • True outdoor living

You will experience true outdoor living with a pergola. As hardscape, they are often built them near outdoor kitchen or outdoor firepits/fireplace or a swimming pool at the same time to turn it into a true outdoor living area. Pergolas are good as entertainment support; you can install any kind of light, cooling devices, loud speakers or any kind of fabric. The best for entertainment!

Use Calgary landscaping as your inspiration when you want to realize these options to create your own backyard oasis.