With some ideal landscaping ideas, you can indeed transform your home into something of a castle. There are a plethora of ideas that come to mind when it comes to deciding on which plan to follow through with when it comes to landscaping. And with most of them involving a significant degree of expense, you will want to make sure you are getting the very best and making the most of whatever landscaping idea that catches your fancy.

From adding paver patios and walkways to incorporating decks and landscape lighting, there are number of ways you can improve the outdoor space in your Calgary home. If you are looking to enliven the feel of your home by creating outdoor spaces of reasonable comfort and capacity, as well as impart safety, efficiency, and aesthetics, here are five landscaping ideas that may seem like a huge expense in the now but ultimately prove a bargain and a sound investment in the long run.

Paver Patios And Walkways

roi-ideas-for-calgary-landscaping-home-5c7980372d496A good landscaping idea whose perks you will certainly enjoy for years to come is the installation of paver patios, stone walkways, or paver walkways. They prove very good choices when it comes to joining driveways or front entrances. They can also serve decorative purposes.

Pavers or patio stones are typically employed in the installation of patios, pathways, and walkways, and they do a good job of imparting a certain welcoming and receptive aura to your home. They are usually the first things people see when they approach your home and they leave lasting impressions.

They come in a variety of colors, materials shapes, and patterns, and their beauty can even be accentuated by bordering them with ornamental plants. Once fully and properly installed, they can last several years and they are not overly expensive. They also require minimal maintenance.

Composite Decking

Composite decking is a good idea when it comes to Calgary landscaping as it literally gets you your money’s worth. As opposed to the traditional wooden decks, it is gaining popularity on the backs of its durability. Since composite decks are largely a blend of recycled plastic and wood fiber, they are fortified against the ravages of the elements. They are also not susceptible to pest attacks.

They may not be have the potential of a real wood deck as they are not wholly natural, but innovations in their technology have made it possible to look and feel just as beautiful and attractive. It might even need a trained eye to tell it apart from the real deal in some designs. If you are looking for sacrifice a just a little natural beauty for durability and low maintenance costs, this is definitely your guy. It may cost a little bit more than wood decking but for all its other perks, it is certainly worth it.


If you’re looking to create a comfortable livable outdoor space, then you probably need to start thinking about installing a pergola. Adding a light, airy, and inviting pergola to the design of your Calgary home is a good way to take full advantage of the outdoor space available to you.

A landscape that is not functional is virtually non-usable, regardless of its size, and a pergola simply adds that functionality to your landscape by providing structure and shelter. It is great to have a large open space to run around in with ample sunlight and room for multiple persons, but this can also prove a problem on a very hot summer day if there aren’t enough trees in the yard to provide shade. This is one area in which a pergola can come in handy. It doesn’t just provide shade, it can as well mark out private areas and entertainment spaces for gatherings.

If your landscape isn’t fully enjoyable, it will be hard to attach any form of purpose to it. And pergolas serve to impart that element of luxury and enjoyment. They are relatively cost, available in a variety of forms/designs, and relatively low cost. Pergolas are sure to deliver returns on investments several times over for years to come.

Irrigation System

Irrigation systems are good choices when it comes to landscaping ideas as they offer so much with very little fuss. They make your goal of maintaining a lush green lawn that bit easier and eliminate any need for manual work – which would usually involve grabbing a hose and sprinkler and potentially making a mess of things. They are also ideal for area which see very little rain.

These days, some of them come fully automated which implies that they go about evenly and regularly doing the watering work by themselves, without any prodding or encouragement from homeowners – which is great for very busy people who may never get around to taking care of the detail by themselves. They can even help you save up on your net water consumption. Irrigation systems impact have a bearing on landscaping designs and as such, attention ought to be paid to such details as hydro zoning, placement, optimum pressure, soil type, and the general landscaping plan.

Landscape Lighting

Incorporating lighting into your landscaping idea is perhaps one of the best landscaping ideas you will ever come up with it. They are easily a no-brainer on account of their dual functionality in terms of illumination and aesthetics.

Not only do they complement other features of your landscape – their variety of colors, styles and patterns can serve to accentuate and highlight the unique features of your property from the outside in. Lighting can single handedly create moods and auras, as well as eliminate blind spots. It’s like having two for the price of one in one fell swoop!

Never compromise on lighting, don’t hesitate if you think you need to go all out, it’s definitely worth it. However, attention must be paid to trees, planting beds, home facade, garden walls, and focal points when making arrangements for landscape lighting.