If you are looking ways to spice things up and improve the look of your deck, then it’s about time you gave serious consideration to incorporating some features into that outdoor space. This can serve to make it even more livable and aesthetically-pleasing.

There are a number of features that can be added to Calgary decks, and these play the identical role of enhancing the quality of your outdoor living space. They do a good job of improving its look and feel. So, here are some features that you might want to consider if you are looking to ring the changes on your Calgary decks without overly having it go through a total makeover.


calgary-landscaping-deck-5c7981bd6a366-5c7981da0a953Having a pergola installed on your deck comes with perk of transforming your deck into something of a livable outdoor space. ‘Livable’ in the sense that you are afforded a space outside your house that is just as comfortable as anywhere else on the inside.

They may look like uncompleted structures with their skeleton-like framework which incorporates vertical beams and roofs but they have the potential to give your deck a whole different and pleasant feel.

A pergola marks out a defined space on your deck, so it’s a lot like having an extra room on the outside of your home that is in tune with nature. There’s no limit to what you can fit within the pergola as you can build it over an entertainment area, dining area, or even a bar.

They also do a good job on other fronts which include affording privacy, creating additional space for plants, as well as creating shade and affording protection from the elements. And what’s more; they can be combined with other structures like entryways, gazebos, and verandas. They can also be made with different materials and installation is pretty much easy. In any case, a pergola is simply an eye-catching addition to any deck.

Outdoor Kitchen

You can get even more use out of your Calgary deck by incorporating an outdoor checking. This trend is actually becoming popular amongst folks in the wake of the summer warmth. Cooking indoors this time of the year can indeed prove more work than it should be especially when you need to stir-fry and grill. Well, here is the good news: you don’t need to cancel on some menus just because of the inconvenience it would create in the entire home when you are having it cooked indoors. How about you step outside and make things that more interesting on your deck by adding an outdoor kitchen? This can even serve as an additional source of entertainment if you’re looking to gather friends or family for a luncheon or small feast.  Outdoor kitchens can come in different sizes and patterns depending how much weight your deck can hold, how much space is available, the surface of the deck, as well as your budget

Deck Lighting

This is another good feature to add to your deck. Deck lightings open doors to a myriad of possibilities when it comes to relaxation and entertainment, especially when the sun goes down. I mean, why do you have to have to truncate your fun and leisure just because it’s dusk? Adding deck lighting can do work wonders on the style of your home.

Accent lighting can highlight the unique features of your home. They can exist in the form of rail lights, post cap lights and directional lights. This can serve to accentuate your sense of style and personal taste.

With the variety of colors of different intensity also available, they can also serve to set moods, which is ideal if you are looking to have a cozy and peaceful timeout. As much as they enhance luxury and aesthetics, they also possess safety functions by illuminating stairs, railings, and deck flooring which serves to keep family and friends safe even at night. Deck lighting serves the dual purpose of accentuating pleasure and aesthetics while illuminating paths to prevent trips or falls.

Deck Seating

Deck seating provides a viable alternative if you have grown weary of having to replace expensive deck furniture on a yearly. Deck seating’s are built-in outdoor seating solutions that could prove an ideal addition to your deck. They do more than just provide a reliable and comfortable seating option as they also have the quality of marking out borders on your deck – giving a more defined outline and appeal.Deck seating can come in various forms which could include curved benches, L-Shape benches, trellis seating, garden seating, mahogany benches, and handcrafted benches, amongst others.