It’s finally fall, and that means many exciting things. The leaves are changing, all the pumpkin-flavored treats are in season, and we can finally break our favorite sweaters and boots out of storage. However, fall does not last very long here in Calgary, and the impending swift sprint into winter may leave you wondering what to do about your landscape. 

Fortunately, a proactive approach means that come spring, you won’t have as much on your plate to take care of. With the right steps before winter, you can game plan your landscaping so that once the flowers begin blooming in May, your yard will be in tip-top shape. 


The best way to help your lawn handle the harsh winter weather and come back with vitality come spring is to aerate it while it’s still green. This allows your lawn more room to breathe as it adapts to the colder weather. Aerating this fall means that the soil that has become dry and compacted this summer is broken up, allowing for more water and nutrients to reach its roots. 

Pro-tip: Hand water your lawn during the winter, and it will have a much easier time becoming green once spring comes. 


Not only do you want to aerate your lawn come fall, you also want to overseed. This helps with any bare spots so that you can achieve a thick, verdant lawn. This can also help reduce the risk of your lawn contracting any diseases, as having diverse grass types can help your lawn be heartier. 

Condition Your Soil 

Prepare your soil for winter by setting it up for success. Use a soil conditioner to make for a greener lawn and eliminate brown spots. 

Keep It Green

Fall is the ideal time to fertilize your lawn and control weeds to prep for a gorgeous, green spring. It’s more effective to use weed control at this point because spraying at this time of year will work better at killing perennial weeds than during the summer months.  

Trim Your Trees

It’s important to trim certain species of trees during their dormant season to prevent diseases such as Fire Blight. Make sure to prioritize calling your landscaping company in Calgary to take care of these for you. While we’re at it, we can also take care of any deciduous trees, and any overgrown evergreen or spruce trees to prepare them for a snowy winter. 

Watering During Winter

With all the snow we get here in Calgary, watering your lawn can feel silly, but it’s key to keep up a proper watering schedule during the colder months. This ensures that come spring, your lawn will be nice and green for you. Prioritize watering every three or four weeks when the temperatures are above freezing. 

Fertilize Your Trees

As soil cools down from the summer sun and becomes more consistently moist, trees and shrubs begin their growth again. This means that fall is the perfect time for fertilization. When you fertilize your trees in the fall, it increases the productivity of the soil, promoting root growth and enhancing nutrient availability. Trees with healthy roots are less likely to have dead branches all winter and more likely to grow more in the spring. 

Winterize Your Sprinkler System 

Make sure not to neglect your sprinkler system before the freezing weather starts. If there is still water in the sprinkler heads that freezes, you’re looking at a costly home repair down the road. A landscaping expert will be able to help you with the process of blowing water and moisture out of your system. 

Cut Perennials 

Once the cold weather hits and plants are beginning to die, it’s best to prune your perennials back to an inch or two above ground. You may add some mulch later in fall. In addition, add some mulch to your flower beds to protect your flowers from the hard freezes. 

If you’re in need of landscaping experts in Calgary, we would love to help! Contact us today to get started.