At the start of the winter you may have felt that you were perfectly capable of clearing your own driveway, paths and sidewalks.  Or you could have hired that neighbor kid to do the work for you.  Well, those ideas fell through.  You may have found it more difficult than expected or you became injured or ill.  The private individual you hired was overbooked or did a poor job.  Now in order to comply with Calgary law, you have an emergency need for snow removal.

Here at Project Landscape we understand your predicament and are happy to help you out.  We understand the pitfalls of residential snow removal and here is what we have learned.


emergency snow removalIf the snow is high enough it is difficult to determine where your planter beds begin or end.  Walkways are obscured and you risk the loss of plants.  We are careful not to disturb some of these fragile shrubberies or new trees.  We understand that shaking the limbs can mean they will snap off in the cold.  We are extremely careful about the existing landscaping and take every effort to protect your turf, trees and other plant life.

Ice Melters

In an emergency you may feel it is fine to use a commercial ice melting product.  There are a number of eco-friendly brands available but during an emergency or later in the season, they will have all been sold.  Using other products mean they can be destructive to both plants and animals.  The chloride will greatly affect plants and some of the creatures that use the plants for winter havens.  Chloride also can eat into the concrete or asphalt of your sidewalk or driveway, which will mean expensive repairs.

Speed of Removal

Not only do you have a time limit by Calgary law, if there is ice, there is an incredible danger.  The longer you wait, the more treacherous it can become.  Trying on your own to remove the ice or snow mid storm is an option, but that is backbreaking work in the cold and wind.  You are putting yourself at risk of serious injury or illness.  It is simply a better idea to contact a professional snow and ice removal company for emergency service.

Good Will

It is always beneficial to be on good terms with your neighbors.  Not only does it add to the value of your own property but will instill a sense of camaraderie and pride in upkeep.  By keeping your part of the sidewalk clear, it will allow your guests as well as those of neighbors to feel safe entering and leaving their cars.  It is more than a gesture.  It is your way of avoiding lawsuits from injuries you could have prevented.  If you set the standard of snow removal in the neighborhood, the other households will follow suit.

If you find yourself in need of emergency snow removal services, contact our office.  Our emergency snow removal rates are reasonable and competitive.  We will dispatch trained specialists to take care of your property quickly and efficiently.