Paving stones are without a doubt one of the more popular outdoor hardscapes for residential and commercial use. There’s an argument to be made that sometimes they are overused. Another thing that you don’t want is to be adding any type of stone. Sometimes it seems like the landscapers just went out and found some large rocks and tried to stuff them forcefully into the yard. Here are a couple of tips to help you first decide if paving stones will fit your yard. From there, you can apply some of these ideas to what you ultimately decide to feature in your outdoor areas.

Does The Pathway Have A Why?

There are a lot of times that people just add paver stones aimlessly. That’s perfectly fine if you want to do that. Maybe you could look into another type of hardscape that has more of practical use. Another thing that you could do is add, for example, hardscapes around trees. Those can be tough because of the roots, but again what we’re trying to get at is that there are different designs and ideas that can be executed with paving stones that go beyond just the path that leads to nowhere that we see too often.

Make Sure You Prep & Keep The Grass Around The Stones Well

Another thing that looks downright awful is burnt grass at all for that matter around the paving stones once they are set up. Of course, there is going to be some damage to the grass around the stone. Some of these are inevitable. You really do want to make sure though that you rehabilitate the area properly and care for it in the long term. When you have a yellow spot or even dirt around the paving stones, it’s just not the same effect.

Quality Stones Will Look The Part 

Finding the right paving stones to install on your property is key to having the area look the part for a long time. An example of what you don’t want are stones that can get constantly ashy if you will. Of course, they are stones, and when exposed to the elements, they can pick up dirt. That’s going to happen, but having them always look ashy and dirty is not ideal. That can be avoided if you pick the right types of stones to place from the beginning.

Get Help From People Who Know What They’re Doing

The best way to ensure that you’re going to be pleased with the final result is to work with people who know what they’re doing. Project Landscape is one of the companies that we highly recommend. When it comes to paving stones they’re going to be able to provide home and business owners with a wide set of options to choose from. What we really like is the way that they can help you through the whole process going through the pros and cons of the decisions that you have to make in order to end up with great looking paving stones on your property.