We offer the best landscaping services in Calgary through the use of top quality materials and products to improve the aesthetics of your home and landscape. An incredible lawn enhances the appeal of your home and improves the living experience of your family. Therefore giving you a lush and healthy lawn is our priority.

Are You Interested in Getting New Sod for Your Home?

Do you want a great lawn made of real lush grass but don’t have the luxury of time to grow and nurse it yourself? Then getting  your sod installed is the way to go.

We offer the best sod installation services in Calgary at affordable prices, while at the same time making use of only the best local quality material. Our Calgary landscaping company is a team of experts dedicated to giving you your dream lawn.

The Benefits of Sod

  • The most apparent benefit of sod is that it gives you an instant lawn.
  • Sod increases the real estate value of your home
  • It’s environment friendly because it absorbs carbon dioxide, and it also reduces heat.

sod installation services calgaryWhy You Should Project Landscape in Calgary

We have the proper experience and expertise required to not only lay a beautiful lawn but also keep your project on time and on budget.

Our company is well versed in laying various types of sod. We take the necessary precautions and measures required in the installation of sod from the amount of topsoil to the quality of sod required while taking into cognizance the topography of your home.

The Process of Sod Installation


This is the very first step. Here, we prepare the ground to receive the sod. Through our expertise, we undertake the grading process to ensure proper drainage and that water is removed from the foundation of the building. Our company makes use of an ample amount of the highest quality and fertile topsoil for your lawn.

Starter Fertilizer

We apply starter fertilizers when installing sod to help it grow and develop established roots. This is essential to help your home have that lush green lawn it deserves.

Mowing Your New Sod

Give your newly installed sod about 3 weeks before mowing. This is to ensure that it is well and adequately rooted. Pull at the sod in different places to check if it’s appropriately rooted, if it doesn’t come out, then it is appropriately rooted and you can mow.

Set the mower blade to the highest when mowing for the first time. Ensure the blades are sharp to prevent damage to the turf.

Watering Your Sod

Every lawn needs to be properly watered. The process of watering isn’t haphazard but based on our technical expertise. Our company has a unique method of watering. After we install your sod, we’ll help you water it.

Delivery Process of Sod

After engaging our sod installation service, we’ll deliver the sod to you and have it installed in record time to prevent the sod from drying out in the sun.

Contact us for your sod installation today and take advantage of our technical expertise in improving the aesthetics of your home.