Your garden can look tidy with some basic spring cleaning. It can be done in a few hours unless your yard is big or if it has been neglected for several seasons. In this case, it will take more than one cleanup session. It takes patience and some time before you’re ready to work on your flower beds.

Cut Grass and Trim Flower Beds

If you want your outdoor area to look groomed and clean, cut the grass and trim flower beds next. Use a lawn edger if you have one. Grass doesn’t grow much over the winter, but cutting your grass in early spring will help your garden to look groomed and inviting to your family and friends. 

Trimming your bushes and removing unwanted vines or greenery will also make your spring garden look its best. Your entire yard will look better when you do a little spring cleaning. Getting your garden in its best shape will allow you to enjoy it more, and it will look much better.

Plant Grass Seed in Any Bare Areas

This is the best time to plant grass seed in bare parts of your lawn. The better your yard looks, the more inviting it will be. When you have a relaxing, peaceful outdoor garden, you will want to spend more time outdoors.

Fertilize your lawn since frequent spring rain will help new grass grow. You can also fertilize bushes and trees in this season.

Clean Your Patio or Deck

You need to sweep up any leaves or debris on your patio or deck. Hose this area off. Don’t neglect your outdoor furniture. Even if it was stored in your garage or shed, it still needs a hosing and cleaning. Tighten any loose legs and make other necessary repairs.

Make a Plan for Your Garden

A Garden Plan is easy to do with software or online. There are many free planners available. You can also draw your plan on paper. 

Plans help you get the exact outcome that you want. You can place plants in the best places and consider current bushes and trees. A plan ensures that taller flowers are behind shorter ones. When it’s time to plant, you will stay organized and know where different plants go.

Tips for Preparing Your Flower Beds

Here are the simple steps you’ll need to do to your flower beds before planting flowers:

  1. Using a rake, remove fallen dead leaves, twigs, and other unwanted pieces from the soil.
  2. Remove weeds making sure to reach roots when possible.
  3. Prune or remove dead plants from the last season.
  4. Dig and loosen the soil about 12-18 inches down.
  5. Work manure or compost into the soil.
  6. Smooth the soil with a rake.

Once Your Garden Is Clean, You’re Ready to Plant Flowers

It may seem like a lot of preliminary work is needed before you begin planting. The above steps are tried and true ways and are suggested by professionals.