It’s no surprise that we think landscaping is a great idea. It’s what keeps us in business after all. But, more importantly, we think it’s a great idea for your home. The residential landscaping services offered by Project Landscape in Calgary can help transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor space. More than just aesthetics, you’ll enjoy the many benefits that landscaping provides you.

Landscaping And You

Any home can benefit from our landscaping services. From concrete installation to artificial grass, we can improve the appearance of your home or business with our commercial and residential landscaping services. Here are some benefits you’ll enjoy:

Be A Better Neighbor

While we know that you’ll love a newly landscaped yard, your neighbors will love it too! Numerous studies across North America have found that adding trees and vegetation to towns and urban spaces has a positive impact on the community. Trees and vegetation can help reduce the noise of daily life, so even if you live near a noisy neighbor, with some strategic shrubbery, you’ll hear them less. In fact, lawns and plants can cut noise levels by nearly 30 percent over hard surfaces like concrete or pavement.

The US Forest Service has even found that neighborhoods with more trees and bigger yards enjoy reduced crime rates. Residents of neighborhoods that have green spaces and landscaping report reduced levels of stress, and have even shown improved memory and attention.

Plants are natural air purifiers. In a growing city like Calgary, with increasing traffic levels, this is especially important. Your landscaped yard will serve as an air scrubber for your home, naturally breaking down carbon dioxide and converting it into healthy oxygen and carbon. The average grass lawn produces enough clean oxygen for a family of four, imagine the impact a landscaped lawn with trees and shrubbery can do for you and your family!

Live A Less Stressful Life

Daily life can be stressful. Between work and home life, that stress can build up and interrupt you from enjoying the important things in life. Fortunately, your landscaping can help you relax and live a less stressful life.

A study conducted in 2013 found that even just looking at natural spaces can have an immediate impact on stress levels. Nature provides us with a calming space that can ease our minds and relieves us of the stresses of a long work day and can help to stimulate our sense of creativity which aids our productivity. The study also found that passive exposure to nature, paired with moderate activity like a walk through a garden, effectively reduces stress, and long-term exposure to nature can have positive health effects for the entire body.

Project Landscape

The benefits of landscaping don’t end with just these two. In the second part of our blog series, we’ll discuss more benefits of residential landscaping, and why they can have an impact on your quality of life and how you enjoy your home.

Until then, be sure to visit our residential landscaping services page to learn more about how we can transform your home’s yard. Contact Project Landscape Today to arrange an appointment!