Landscaping is a great way to make any home look more beautiful and inviting. But more than just improving appearances, residential landscaping can have some great benefits for you and your home. Project Landscape in Calgary is your landscaping experts, and we’ve seen firsthand the impact it can make on your home. In part one of our blog, we discussed some of those benefits, and in part two, we’ll explore a few more.

More Benefits For You

Last time we covered the impact that landscaping can have on you and your neighborhood. Studies have overwhelmingly shown that having a landscaped yard can reduce stress and can make your neighborhood safer and healthier. But the benefits don’t end there. Here are some more benefits you’ll enjoy thanks to residential landscaping.

Add Value To Your Home

Calgary is a growing community, with many new residents moving in every month. For current homeowners looking to sell their home, landscaping can be one of the most sound investments they can make. Landscaping improves the property value of a home by improving its aesthetics. Real estate agents use the term “curb appeal” when describing homes that look great to clients driving by. Homes with nicely done landscaping are more eye-catching and make a more favorable impression on buyers.

Real estate agents report that homes with attractive landscaping often have more home walkthroughs and visits than homes that do not. Nicely cared for landscaping speaks to the values of the current owner as someone who cares for their home. These factors increase the amount of competition for that property and increases its final sales price.

However, buyers are more perceptive than you might realize. If you’re an amateur gardener, your landscaping might actually deter future buyers. Buyers will recognize when a home has received professional landscaping services.

Lower Your Bills

In addition to increased property value, you’ll also enjoy lowered energy bills. Adding local plants and flowers to your landscaped yard makes two major impacts. First, it reduces the amount of water you’re using. When you plant vegetation that is local to the area, these plants only use the water and resources that are naturally in the region. That means you don’t waste water on exotic plants that may require more water.

Additionally, a landscaped yard influences the micro-climate around your home. This means that your home is shaded in the summer, reducing your air conditioning use. Indeed, putting a shade tree over your outdoor air conditioner unit can improve its efficiency by almost 10 percent. In winter, vegetation serves as a buffer between your home and snow, meaning your home stays warmer longer and cutting back on your need to run the heater at all hours of the day. Investing in landscaping means you’ll spend less on other bills.

Improve Your Landscaping, Improve Your Life

Landscaping has a wide range of benefits, from improving your health to increasing the value of your home. When you’re ready to invest in landscaping, make sure to work with Calgary’s premier residential landscaping company. Call us today to schedule your landscaping services.