Adding a professional landscaping touch to your commercial or residential landscape helps enhance and elevate your property’s overall value. You can do this by installing integrated planters to the different areas of your landscape. We offer Calgary landscaping services to help you plan and install multiple integrated planters on your landscape.

Raised beds with Integrated planters help transform your property’s ordinary, mundane outlook to a much greener and elegant one. Especially in narrow and cramped spaces, integrated planters work to enhance the beauty and make your environment greener. Moreover, raised garden beds and integrated planters also help eliminate the challenges faced during traditional gardening.

Integrated planters are the perfect solution for growing plants in areas that have limited space. Simultaneously, the garden beds are at an elevated position for giving a controlled environment for different plants to grow. Moreover, the slightly high position enables easy access for reaching over to your plants. They work with the features of in-ground gardening and container gardening combined.

If you plan to start garden beds for edible vegetables, raised beds are the ideal thing you need to invest in. It is because you get to control every aspect of your soil. As a result, you get a better quality of the harvest.

Nowadays, both experienced and inexperienced Gardners can work with raised garden beds without any problem. It is because they require very little or no maintenance. Also, you will face lesser pest-related issues on your landscape.

Another outstanding feature of raised beds is that they come with an excellent drainage system. Since the soil in raised beds is in an elevated position, it tends to remain warm and eliminates problems relating to overwatering plants.

Moreover, you choose to pick the type of soil you want in your planter instead of working with what kind of soil usually is present in a garden. Since the soil quality and composition is what defines how well your plants are going to thrive. It enables you to have a lush green garden with healthy plants every time.

Another fantastic thing about integrated planters is that your plants have ample space for growing more in-depth and more extensive roots. It usually depends on how deep you want your planter to be. Remember, deeper beds help to retain more moisture in comparison, resulting in more healthy plants.

Integrated planters and raised beds add a very symmetrical geometric pattern to your landscape. As a result, giving an aesthetically pleasing outlook. The versatility of these planters enables you to place them anywhere on your property. A combination of integrated planters and raised beds help to enhance and define the space on your property. The integrated planters come manufactured using a variety of materials. The range of different materials includes wooden planter boxes, stone boxes with walls having elaborate stonework available in various colors. Integrated platers are the perfect addition to your landscape to add in definition and different dimensions. Different sizes and depths of planters add to create distinctive and unique patterns to make your landscape look attractive to the eye.