Complement your front or back yard with a retaining wall. We all know how Calgary weather can be, and the grading and drainage in a yard can make the water run right towards your neighbors’ or your home. With the many different styles that Project Landscape has to offer, we can install anything from wood to brick to natural stone. Having certified installers on staff in this field, we know all the in and outs of how to install a proper wall system.



Retaining walls are rigid and structured designed walls that resist the lateral pressure of the soil when there are desired changes within the ground elevation, holding back soil materials. The pressure could be due to liquids pressure, sand, earth filling, heavy rain, or other granular materials behind the retaining wall.

What is the Purpose of Retaining Walls?

Retaining walls help support lateral soil pressure, which can be retained at different levels on both sides. Retaining walls are structured and designed in a way that they restrain soil to a slope that naturally keeps it stable.

These bound the soils between two different elevations, often within the area of terrain possessing slope or in other areas where the landscape needs to be in a severely and engineered shape for all specific purposes.

Why Hire a Professional Retaining Walls Builder?

When hiring a constructor for retaining walls, it’s essential to look for a licensed contractor of retaining wall builder, well experienced, and reasonable rate. Its truly alarming that over time the retaining wall failure rates have increased up to 40 percent, which causes damages and even deaths.

When hiring, be sure that the builder is a professional, understands the challenges which come when building a retaining wall. They should know what and how to do, how far to dig, and to make a foundation.

In Calgary, due to the environmental changes, it’s essential to use high-quality and top equipment to keep your walls secure and safe. With that, an experienced person will save your time on completing the work, will save your money, and will be propitious for you in the long run. At project landscape, we have a team of experts that will help you through all the process with your 100 % satisfaction.

Proper Drainage for Retaining Walls

In Calgary, landscaping is a common reason for the failure of retaining walls, so it is essential to build a good drainage system and make sure that there isn’t a buildup of water behind the wall. Your builder should build a proper drainage system behind the wall, identifying the potential surface water sources and making sure to Drainage adjacent to the wall site. It’s important to grade the site for its drainage patterns and construct a drainage system behind the wall. This minimizes the amount of hydrostatic pressure which the groundwater can create.

Types of Retaining walls we install for Calgary residential and commercial buildings

Concrete Retaining Walls

Concrete retaining walls are highly rated for their strength and versatility; no doubt, they require a precise construction method. Concrete retaining walls can be textured, colored, accented with embedded objects, different designs, and many more. With all these high levels, when appropriately installed, concrete retaining walls material provides you with much more room for customization than any other material.

Modular Retaining Walls

Modular retaining walls are easy to do retaining wall blocks. These are beautiful which give a pleasant and traditional appearance. These blocks are used to retain the soil on slopes, and the individual blocks interlock together, which keeps them secure and strong without any pins or mortar.

Brick Retaining Walls

Brick retaining walls are mostly divided into two groups Cavity Wall and Block Core Wall. Cavity retaining wall is made out of brick “Cavity Wall” entirely. The design is constructed with two standard brick walls inches apart, sharing the same foundation. These are traditional-style walls.

The block core retaining walls are most common today. The wall is constructed of CMU (concrete masonry unit) block, which holds the steel within its concrete-filled cells. It is low in cost, and its versatility of CMU makes it a beautiful traditional retaining wall.

Precast Retaining Walls:

Precast retaining walls consist of prefabbed concrete blocks that interlock with each other. They can come in a variety of colors, textures and sizes. They can incorporate straight or curved lines, steps or corners. They are ideal for widening areas and slope support for both residential and commercial projects.

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Natural stone retaining walls are actually walls in which natural stones (boulders) are piled to create a wall. These walls are actually great as they give an asymmetrical natural look in your landscaping design and can stay for years if fitted properly. Natural stone walls can stand up tohundreds of years but, if thrown carelessly, can topple and may result in severe accidents. Some extra effort will always ensure longevity and rigidness.

Wood Retaining Walls:

A wood retaining wall blends into a landscape more naturally than any other retaining wall. It carries all the house materials into the landscape when stained to match a cedar or a log or a clad home for a more unified and beautiful appearance. These are beautiful, primarily when constructed in a woodland composed of trees that surround them. These are beautiful and reasonable low-cost walls.

Garden Bed Retaining Walls:

Garden bed retaining walls are just the remedy to add some height to your yard. As well, elevated garden beds are easier to work on, have fewer weeds and you can control the soil conditions much easier.

Backfilling Drainage Issues:

One of the commonly overlooked areas when constructing a retaining wall is the necessity to have proper drainage. Without proper drainage the wall can backfill and become saturated, causing damage to your retaining wall.

Retaining Wall Clean and Seal Service:

Project Landscape offers concrete and patio surface cleaning and sealing for those who want to keep their walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, and outdoor steps in pristine order. We can restore your hardscape surface from sinking by adding our polymeric sand, pressure wash, and seal to ensure they stay looking good for the years to come. Clean and seal services can also be used on retaining walls. We can restore the color and beauty that may have been faded over the years.

  • Pavers driveways and walkways
  • Flagstone
  • Paver patios
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Steps
  • All types of concrete
  • Retaining walls
  • Natural stone

Retaining walls are specifically designed to hold back soil erosion and help accommodate changes grade in a landscape design. They have long been a fundamental element in residential and commercial landscape construction. A properly constructed wall can transform an outdoor living space, offer a more usable surface area, and elevate planting or patio areas, all while serving their actual purpose. In Calgary, home grades range from level to very steep, which means more often retaining walls are a necessary addition to most landscapes.