The best way to increase the value of your retaining wall is to turn it into a seat wall. Other than being an investment, seat walls can also solve several problem areas in your outdoor landscape. It can provide additional seating around your patio area for extra guests. Having them placed around a fire pit not only helps to cut down on the wind, but it also enhances your outdoor space.

Project Landscape can add built in seating to any hardscape project or install and order manufactured seating from one of our many suppliers. Well-placed seat walls are a great way to add a focal point to any landscape design that can also serve as a great entertaining area to any Calgary backyard landscape. Allow our team of professionals to help take your landscaping to the next level!

Seat wall design ideas

Built in seat walls have regularly been among the top 10 trends in outdoor living and for good reason. They can perform multiple roles in landscape design, other than just a place to sit. A great way landscape designers incorporate seat walls, is to create the feeling of different rooms, this gives your outdoor living space an appearance of multiple levels.

Fire pit seating

Seat walls are a great design solution for around fire pits, they provide additional seating for friend and family functions. Your fire pit design that you and your landscape designer create should complement your seat wall. Using similar stone on both the fire pit and seat wall design and keeping the same symmetry gives you the look of professionalism.

Some popular seat wall additions include:

•         Landscape lighting

•         adding beautiful trees and shrubs

•         Outdoor kitchens

•         Fire pits and outdoor fire places

•         Water features Outdoor pillars

Pillars are often installed for decorative purposes. They are most commonly used to accent gates, for address markers, fence posts or to define the ends of your seat walls. Pillars are built with the same materials as retaining walls, thus giving you the option to match the colors and designs of your existing landscape.

Types of pillars and columns for your landscape

•         Seat wall pillars

•         Entrance way pillars

•         Deck columns

•         Illumination pillars

•         Fence columns

•         Address pillars

Leave it to the landscaping pros

At Project Landscape, we consider all aspects in your landscape. Installing seat walls and pillars are only a few options we have to offer. If you would like to learn more about our design and installation process, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convince.