Sod Installation

When it comes to getting a thick, healthy lawn quickly, there is nothing better than sod. Sometimes sod gets a bad rap, but that’s usually because of mistakes people make when it’s being laid. When laid down on properly prepared soil, it will thrive. Another important factor to take into consideration is running proper drainage when installing sod. Project Landscape is a team of experts at the installation process that is involved.

Project Landscape now offers “less-water-sod”.

Save time, save money, save water

  • Qualified drought tolerant
  • Reduces typical watering by up to 50 percent, saving you time and money
  • Stays green longer and greens up quicker
  • Dark green in color with thick blades
  • Durable and tolerant of high traffic
  • Flourishes in partial shade to full sun areas
  • Cold-hardy, ideal for Canadian climates
  • Protects your investment and increases your home’s curb appeal
  • Minimizes the environmental impact of your property by conserving water

How can the drought tolerant grasses help grow greener communities?

Here are six key benefits to consider:

  1. Water Conservation: A qualified drought tolerant lawn requires as much as 50 percent less water to grow year after year and resists drought up to six weeks longer than conventional lawns.
  2. Cooler Cities: A grass surface can be 10°F-14°F cooler than concrete. Choosing grass can noticeably reduce the urban heat island effect and lower energy costs during summer months.
  3. Fresher Air: Grass lawns help to sequester carbon, cleaning the air we breathe.
  4. Cleaner Water: Grass lawns filter rainwater and runoff for cleaner groundwater.
  5. Oxygen: The average lawn produces enough oxygen for a family of four.

Saving Energy: An average lawn provides the cooling effect equal to 10 tons of air conditioning, which reduces the energy required to cool a building during the summer months.