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Urban gardens are usually grown in urban environments where people can cultivate their own fruits and vegetables as well as get closer to nature. There are two main categories of urban gardens, container gardens and rooftop gardens. While selecting a suitable category, the available area plays an important role. If you have ample space on your roof then a rooftop garden can be established otherwise you can use your balcony for satisfying the purpose.

People practice container gardening with small patios and balconies and utilize all sorts of containers ranging from buckets to window boxes. Whereas rooftop gardens are roofs of the buildings transformed into gardens by adding soil and garden beds. It is traditionally used to grow vegetables and larger plants.

urban garden calgary

There are no technical requirements needed to grow an urban garden as a plant only needs water, soil, and light to grow. You need to make sure that all three items are available in abundance so that your required item grows to its full potential. The size of the container is another factor to keep in mind while you decide the type of plant to grow. A large container is good as it means more soil, more water, and hence more nutrients. However, you should be careful about the durability of the container as it should be good enough to hold in your apartment without damaging it.

With busy city life, people have forgotten where their food comes from. Taking out time to grow Calgary gardens will not only get them educated about growing food but will also let them know what it takes to grow healthy and nutritious food. You get to know more about sustainable food and health benefits. That’s something worth learning.

Urban gardening is another way to utilize your limited space while growing all the food you want. It is one of the best ways to get healthy and nutritious food for your family as compared to fast foods that are a serious dent in our health.

One important reason for the increasing trend of urban gardens is the availability of chemical-free vegetables and fruits. One major problem with the mass production of fruits and vegetables is that they are often loaded with pesticides and insecticides that although increases the shelf life but are harmful for human consumption.

urban garden calgaryUrban gardens are another way to grow sustainable food. Mass-produced food is transported miles to reach you and hence consumes a lot of fuel. Therefore with urban gardens, you can reduce this carbon footprint and play your part in achieving a greener environment.

Growing urban gardens helps to build a community. People living in cities are often unaware of their neighbors and lack of socializing creates problems such as depression and mental illness. Therefore, urban gardening provides a common cause for friends, family, and neighbor to connect together and achieve sustainability in various aspects of life. It also helps to beautify the Calgary landscaping.

Rooftop urban gardens can save you some money as well. Growing your own fruits and vegetable means that you don’t need to spend a lot on expensive food items you otherwise need from markets. With surplus growth you can even sell them to your neighbors and people around you, hence creating a small business that generates money.

Verticle Gardening

Vertical gardening is the perfect solution for people living in urban areas facing problems because of the lack of vegetation. It leads to a direct effect on the quality of life. You can get urban gardening done in both interiors and exteriors. Adding a green element to your property adds to aesthetics and opens up doors to limitless possibilities for gardening. 

In comparison, urban gardening may have a slightly higher cost than regular landscape gardening. But the environmental effects of raising the vegetation outweigh its price and also help reduce pollution. In the modern Landscaping Calgary options, use concrete or glass to turn them into a vertical garden for a healthy and green environment. It is a kind of urban gardening that is best suited for small interiors and decorating walls or rooftops in different styles. 

Saves space 

Vertical gardening is the perfect solution for those people who have space restrictions at their home. The installation of green walls indoors in a yard or a rooftop helps to save foot space altogether. It is a very different and fresh approach to the rather traditional form of horizontal gardening that we are so used. Instead of using up a lot of surface area for plants, vertical gardening aims to make use of your space in the best possible way. 

Healthy plants

vertical gardeningIn vertical gardening, plants are grown vertically away from the ground. That’s why such plants’ leaves or fruits do not face the problems related to ground borne disease. In horizontal gardening, plants are pretty much left to grow on their own with no support from stakes, netting, or cages. It causes the plants to fall over and get exposed to different ground diseases. In comparison, vertically grown plants are less susceptible to the damage caused by insects as well hence, producing healthy crops. Also, it is very easy for you to keep an eye on and monitor your plants’ growth and development.

Aesthetically pleasing 

The healthy and green vertical garden looks very refreshing and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Also, growing them in perfect harmony makes them look more appealing, especially if you view them from a distance. Vertical gardening helps to create an extraordinary and soothing dimension to your home. 

Easy maintenance

Vertical gardens are elementary to maintain and require significantly less cleaning. Since the plants are grown in an upright position, it is easy for you to water them. Also, the plants’ roots are visible, which makes it easy for gardeners to water their plants effectively. Of course, it’s a known fact that plants that are watered right and are looked for properly thrive better. 

Helps reduce stress 

It is a highly researched fact that people who live in an environment where plants are present have a lower level of stress than those who don’t. Countless studies highlight the fact that adding a green element to your home has a very positive impact on the human brain. Also, vertical gardens help to absorb excess heat, hence lowering the indoor and outdoor temperatures. Creating a beautiful and healthy environment at your place.