More and more Calgary homeowners are beginning to grow their own vegetables. Project Landscape is proud to offer this service to help promote and encourage healthy eating. We only use organic loam to fill the garden beds to give your growing season the jumpstart it needs.

Wood planter boxes

Wood planter boxes are a great way to create a bed to grow plants and vegetables in both small and large yards. They add height to make it easy to maintain without bending over.

Types of planters we build:Pressure treated wood

Pressure treated wood will be the most cost effective material to use. More maintenance will be required much like pressure treated decks and fences

Another downfall when choosing pressure treat is that it contains chemicals that could kill the plants in your box and harm your vegetables.

Cedar garden bed boxes

Cedar is the top choice for material. It’s widely known for its wonderful aroma. The natural oils within the wood will help deter insects and rotting

Composite garden boxes

Adding composite garden boxes compliments your existing or any new composite decking, which means you get all the benefits that the decking has to offer.

  • Maintenance free
  • Doesn’t rot or fade
  • Doesn’t scratch or crack
  • Varies in colors
  • No need to paint

Promotes healthy plant growth

*What kind of wood should you use for your garden bed box

There are a number of different types of wood that can be used to construct a garden box and each wood has its positives and negatives. In most cases cedar is the best wood to use. Many factors can play a role on how long the wood actually lasts such as weather conditions and maintenance

Garden bed size

Height-   We recommend not to go higher than 36”. This gives a good height to avoid constantly bending over.

Width   No wider than 4 feet across. This will make it easy to reach the center of the bed from either side

Length- 4-6 feet should be the maximum length without extra supports as this will prevent the wood from bowing

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