We all know that the winter season comes with heavy snow or ice and we have to act fast in order to maintain our properties. With that said, this is never an easy task. Snow piles up pretty fast and can get to overwhelming levels in a split second. That is why you will need proper snow and ice management techniques to get the job done.

So what do you do to ensure you sidewalk, driveway and landscape remain intact and gorgeous throughout this season? Keep in mind safety comes first and to strike a balance this often feels like a double sided sword. Well, worry no more because there are a few tips that you can implement which will make snow and ice removal an easy no-brainer task. Additionally, visit the Calgary shopping centers for more insights on snow and ice management.

Remove snow quickly and frequently

This is one of the most effective ways to manage snow and ice. Don’t wait for it to pile up to dangerous levels. Always have it removed quickly and as often as you possibly can. Another thing is that you should remove the bulk of snow before your employees report to work. Let the process continue all day long if the snow and ice has not ceased to accumulate.

snow removal shopping centres calgaryBuy good quality machines

Make it a point to purchase solid machines. You wouldn’t want to get frustrated in the middle of removing a heap of snow simply because the equipment you purchased let you down. There are a variety of tools that you can use to remove snow depending on the amount and extent of the snow cover. For instance, shovels, rakes and snow scoops are ideal for quickly getting rid of snow on driveways or yards.

On the other hand, if you have a large yard or driveway then the snowblower is the best option. It will be effective in situations where the snow has covered at least two inches from the ground. You can use the snowblower to clear snow and ice fast and over large areas.

Plow snow and ice after hours

When you want to effectively remove snow and ice from your property then the best time to do so is after hours. This is the time when most areas within the property are empty. At this time, there will be no cars at the parking lot hence it will be much easier to clear snow, ice, frozen run-off or slush. Talk to your contractor and notify them about the after-hour periods.

Observe the thawing periods

This is often a period of time that many people overlook when it comes to snow removal. Be on the lookout for thawing snow and ice. The best thing to do at this point is have all the melting snow or ice immediately cleared. Most of the time, thawing snow or ice refreezes at night when the temperatures drop. This can be hazardous in the morning and cause slips or fatal falls.

Take the necessary precautions

Snow removal is a critical task and has to be done the right way. One wrong move can turn out costly. Make sure you wear protective clothing and keep warm to avoid catching a disease. Also, have a designated place where you will pile the cleared snow. Some contractors usually have such services and will take care of this for you.