It seems to be a futile effort to remove snow.  After all, it is just going to snow again and then it will melt away.

In Calgary, all property owners are charged with removing snow and ice from any sidewalks or paths in front of the home or business within 24 hours of the snowfall or ice storm.  This is a safety factor to prevent injuries from those walking on the wet snow.  It also helps keep vehicles from sliding or skidding on the driveway, which could include slipping right into the street into oncoming traffic.  The regulation is designed to keep all Calgary citizens safe.

snow removal services in calgary The snow must be cleared down to the pavement.  If any is left, melting and refreezing could turn to ice.  This could become treacherous if it was overlooked by a walker or jogger.

Snow Removal Services in Calgary

If a complaint is lodged, bylaw officers will go to the site and if there is snow or ice present, the officer will leave a warning notice.  The officer will return in 24 hours to be sure the path is clear.  If not, the officer will send a contractor to the area to be sure the path is cleared properly.  This is not a free service.  The charge will be a minimum of $150 plus GST and an administration fee.  The property owner will receive a bill for the service.  If the invoice remains unpaid, it is added to the annual property tax.

The good news is that Project Landscape provides an affordable snow removal service.  We offer a choice of options for both residential areas and commercial areas.  Homeowners hire us to avoid the struggle with a shovel or a snow blower that won’t start.  It keeps them safe in their house and, especially for some people, avoids the concern of a heart attack.  For business owners, they can rest assured that the driveways and sidewalks will remain clear for their employees and customers.

We have crews that are on 24-hour availability through the winter.  In that way we can respond quickly to deal with changing weather conditions.  We have a phone line open at all times to take calls.

Using a snow removal service is a benefit to all involved.  It means that you will be able to leave for work on time and be sure the children are safe as they wait for the school bus.  It will also make your neighbours happy to see that you are compliant and that they, too, will be able to get out with less fear of injury.  One of the major benefits is that as the property owner you reduce the threat of lawsuits.

If all of this sounds good, contact our office now to arrange for appropriate snow removal services in Calgary.  That way you will be all set when the winter weather moves in.  Our service agents will be happy to discuss options and prices.  You can contact us here.