Sports courts 

Sports courts incorporated into backyard landscapes are becoming increasingly popular in the Calgary area. It’s no surprise that sports courts are one of the most desired backyard design additions for families, they offer a healthy lifestyle for everyone. 

Benefits of a backyard sports court

  • Creates a safe environment for family and friends 
  • Increases your property value 
  • A healthy lifestyle for your family 
  • East to maintain 
  • Promotes exercise and fitness 

The cost of a sports court

Like any major hardscape project, the prices of sports courts will vary on the size you desire. The best outcome will be achieved with a solid base, there are five key elements when constructing a sports court.

Site prep and excavation

Depending on your property; commercial or residential, this can be one of the most time-consuming and usually has the highest cost associated with the project. Another key factor, excavation costs can vary from project to project depending on the access for equipment and your surrounding landscaping. 

Base Materials

Concrete is considered ideal for sports courts, that requires very little maintenance. A four-inch smooth slab is poured to your desired size and reinforced with 10mm rebar. Much like concrete patio, walkways, or driveways. The base has the same process to give you the lasting finish for the years to come. 


Once the site work and base are complete, the next step is the installation of the materials that makes the sports court. All the sport court tiles offered can be used for a number of outdoor applications. Such as basketball, tennis, pickle ball, and hockey. The court surface tiles are available in 6 different colors, they offer superior grip to reduce slips and falls, are resistant to the elements, and come with a 10-year manufacturing warranty. 

Feature components:

Adding the feature components gives you the feel of playing on a professional court. The add-on features include things like basketball hoops, lighting, and painting out the regulation lines depending on what sport you and your family chose. On top of the add-on features for the court, Project landscape can also offer custom benching and fencing to close in your court. 

Sports courts Colors