Landscape Stairs and Stepping stones 

If your landscape has an inclining area or hills or slopes on your property? Then the addition of staircases and stepping stones not only proves useful. But it also gives a very elegant feel to your landscape. We build landscape staircases and steps on natural slopes to provide a safe area for climbing. You can find several Calgary landscaping services that help you plan and install staircases and stepping stones on your property according to your preferences.

Outdoor Landscape Stairs 

Staircases with stone steps are perfect for the area in the front or back of your property. Also, with the help of stone steps, transform old staircases to give a more modern and classic look. Be it a natural staircase on a hill or a set of staircases at the front; stepping stones add a hint of style to your overall landscape.

The amazing thing about stone is that it fits well with a diverse range of different layouts and styles. Stone steps add a very classic look to your property. No matter what theme you want, your outdoor landscape to have stone steps goes well with almost everything. Plus, it gives a very classic raw and natural look to your landscape. Natural stone steps, along with the natural beauty and greenery of the outdoors, indeed is a sight to behold.

Moreover, landscape staircases help to focus a particular area on your property to enable it to stand out. In addition, different colors, cuts, and styles of the stone give a very regal look that can easily match the modern styles. Besides, the stone steps and staircases also enable your property to present a rustic and classic look.

You can find a collection of different cuts, colors, and styles of stone. These can vary from a natural-looking stone or a flagstone to help pave your patio or your backyard. Our landscaping services can help in finding the type of stone that fits well with your outdoor landscape. You can either choose a rugged or a shiny polished stone according to the area you want to install it in. It is just the best thing about stone is that it can fit any taste and style. You can add stone steps and staircases to elevate the beauty of your backyard or your garden, greenhouse, or shed.

No matter if you have a residential or a commercial property, adding stone steps helps to elevate the worth and beauty of your property.

Types of Landscape Steps 

Floating stepsfloating-steps-calgary

Modular brick stepsModular brick steps

Stepping Stones 

Stepping stones also prove to be the perfect flooring addition to unpaved areas. While staircases are a perfect addition to the picturesque Calgary landscape. Compared to wood; stone and concrete prove to be a much more durable and long-lasting material for staircases, pathways, and pavements. It has the strength to bear different weather, forgoing no damage to its structure.

Benefits of stepping stones 

Inexpensive compared to poured concrete or paving stones

Large variety of shapes, sizes and color options 

Stepping stones are more casual and in some cases more inviting 

Great for less traffic areas 

Options to follow any landscape theme 

Low maintenance / easily replaceable 

Creates focal points in your landscape 

Functional for gardens without disrupting the soil 

How far should you space stepping stones?

Spacing of the stepping stones should accommodate the average stride. When installing stepping stones the average practice is placing them approximately 24 inches apart on centre. 

A Few Types of Stepping Stones 

Natural stepping stones

natural stepping stones

Modern stepping stones 

Modern stepping stones

Unique stepping stones 

unique stepping stones

Round stepping stones Round stepping stones

Basic stepping stones 

Basic stepping stones

Concrete smooth

Concrete smooth