Project Landscape Ltd. did an excellent job of landscaping my yard. Many things stood out that prompted me to take the time and write up a sincere and genuine 5-star review. I feel strongly that homeowners should consider Project Landscape for their landscaping needs, as this is the kind of business that I want to thrive and succeed in my hometown of Calgary. I am incredibly pleased with the way the conducted business and executed the work. I will definitely be ringing them up for any of my landscaping needs in the future. Project Landscape is in it to build relationships and gain return customers, which I appreciated. They demonstrated this by cleaning up, putting things back where they were supposed to go; these little things mattered. Ultimately I felt as though the end result was thorough and as if they were working on their own properties. As a first time house-owner (with a yard) I was pleased with Project Landscape!

Sean S.