Tree Removal

There is no denial in the fact that trees are a beautiful part of our natural landscape. These are what adds beauty to our surroundings, but what if a tree in the backyard has grown too large? Or you have a space limitation? Or it is too close to your house foundation? Or there is a dead tree that is a threat to your house?

That’s where the removal of a tree is necessary. Tree removal is a necessary part of arboriculture, and that’s what gives shape to your surrounding or backyard. At project landscape, we provide services for Calgary tree removal, so your place looks clean, and an extra grownup tree doesn’t pose any threat to your property.

The removal of the tree depends on your surroundings, e.g., if the tree is in the open area, then it may be cut down in a single go, but if it’s near to wire lines or your house foundation, then it may take more time and effort. For that, the tree will be scaled, branches cut down, and will be cut piece by piece. If needed, it will be secured by ropes, so It doesn’t fall at any powerlines or building.

Tree removal is a tedious and extremely dangerous task, and a lot of safety precautions are required to be taken to get the job well done. Our team of highly trained personnel will examine your site to inspect what you require and provide you with the best solutions to ensure your satisfaction and the safety of your property. We also provide stump grinding services so the remaining visible area is grinded and cannot be seen to level up the ground level.

Stump Grinding

After the removal of the tree, the stump is what is left. Here the question arises that should it be left as it is or its removal is necessary. At first, it may not be a problem, but with time it may become trouble. To remove the tree stump is to improve the aesthetics of your yard and even for the safety. It may also damage your mower if you accidentally roll over it. A tree stump will also be an issue if you are ready to plant a tree nearby.

So a trump should be removed or just grinded?

Stump grinding is an easy task as compared to stump removal. Stump removal is not environmentally friendly, time-intensive, cost intensive, and gaping hole after removal will be another task. A stump grinder with a professional behind it will level up your stump to give a beautiful look to your yard.

We have landscaping experts with straight of the art machinery to provide the best Calgary stump grinding services to ensure that your tree stump doesn’t re-sprout with suckering growth around its perimeter.

For more information on tree removal or stump grinding services in Calgary or surrounding areas, please feel free to request an estimate or call us at 403 257 4059