1. irrigation system calgary

    Why Have an Irrigation System?

      Spring is here and summer is fast approaching. Surely, you want to make your backyard look beautiful for the barbeque with the family with lush green grass and well taken care of plants. However, it can be overwhelming to take care of a yard and maintain it looking gorgeous. This is where irr…Read More

  2. types of decks calgary landscaping

    All You Need to Know About Decks

      With the summer months approaching, we are all thinking about getting the family together for a nice barbeque. You might be thinking about adding a deck to your home to increase its value in the long run and have a place to spend warm summer nights with the family. However, there are many dec…Read More

  3. calgary lawn care

    5 Tips for Keeping Weeds Under Control

      As summer approaches, we all want that beautiful yard to spend the weekends with the family. However, weeds are a huge problem for many homeowners. You might be in this fight right now, trying to figure out why you got rid of weeds on one side of the yard, but more apparent on the other. Luck…Read More

  4. project landscape backyard

    5 Ways to Make Your Backyard More Private

      With the warm weather approaching, spending the day in your backyard has never seemed more possible. However, it can be awkward to see your neighbours when hanging out with the family. Therefore, you must bring some privacy to your backyard to make you feel more comfortable. There are several…Read More

  5. calgary landscape

    How to Choose a Calgary Landscaping Contractor 

    How to Select a Calgary Landscaping Contractor that Meets Your Needs Landscaping is a significant investment in your property that can be a massive part of the enjoyment of your home. The first step to selecting a Calgary landscaping contractor is to find out what type of landscape you want. It will…Read More

  6. stepping stones calgary

    Stone Pathway Guide – Stepping Stone Walkway Designs And Ideas

    You're ready to start your stepping stone project now that the weather is warming up. But you aren't sure if you should buy or make your own path stones. Perhaps you are looking for a path to your garden or a way to get around the garden. Perhaps it's to create a walkway between your driveway and yo…Read More

  7. landscape calgary

    Your Best Choice to Re-evaluate Your Landscape

      We are Project Landscape, your best choice to re-evaluate your landscape. We are a landscaping company based in Calgary, Canada. Decades of work and our clients’ satisfaction are the sign that you need us to help you with your garden. Experience has taught us how to improve and most importa…Read More

  8. types of landscaping calgary

    5 Landscaping Mistakes You Do Not Want to Make

    Yes, landscaping is simple as you visit your local garden store to pick plants and grab bags of mulch and garden tools. Then, you are ready to tackle your landscaping project, right! But, do not forget you need to mow the lawn a couple of times a month. Yes, if that was only true and as easy as ment…Read More

  9. fire pit calgary

    Backyard Trends for Entertaining

    2022 Means spending more time outdoors, especially with spring and summer making their way to Calgary. Whether you plan to hang out with family and friends or enjoy cooking outdoors. Make your patio or deck an extension of the home with these trends for entertaining. 1.    Create an Outdoor Kitch…Read More

  10. fences calgary

    Invest in These Types of Backyard Fences

    Are you looking to add some privacy or a decorative element to your yard? Then fences make for an excellent addition to any living space. Yet, there are so many types of backyard fences available. Finding one in the right color, style, and size can make it challenging to choose. For this reason, Pro…Read More