1. Lawn Maintenance Tips in Calgary

    Maintaining a lush and lovely lawn may take a little physical effort, but is really simpler than it seems. Mowing Keep grass mowed at 3 to 3 1/2 inches.  The blades of the plant must be long enough to gather sufficient sunlight to they produce the sugars the plant needs to survive and thrive.  The…Read More

  2. Flowering Shrubs in Calgary

    A great way to add color and interest in your landscaping in Calgary is to add small trees and shrubs.  It has the added advantage to attract birds, bees, and other pollinators. Ninebark – This is a shrub often used to create a hedge.  Its purple foliage offsets the clusters of small, white flow…Read More

  3. What Factors Affect Irrigation Service Costs in Calgary?

    The service cost of irrigation might fluctuate depending upon the size of a property. The cost may rise especially for those properties with small lawn. The average rate for Calgary irrigation projects ranges from three-thousand five hundred dollars to six-thousand dollars. The customers can also re…Read More

  4. wood fence install calgary

    Fencing Versus Hedges

    You have a nice backyard but feel you would enjoy it more with some boundaries, fewer prying eyes from the street or neighbours.  You have two basic choices:  a privacy fence or hedge. Hedges This is usually a shrubbery that outlines the perimeter of your property.  Their use is centuries old and…Read More

  5. lilac bushes calgary

    Top Benefits of Lilac Bushes in Calgary

    If you are thinking about adding shrubbery to your landscape, one of the best choices is a lilac bush. The common lilac (Syringia Vulgaris) will flourish in Alberta’s climate.  Filled with heady aroma, the flowers bloom in the spring and can be enjoyed in a cut flower arrangement or left on the t…Read More

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    Landscape Design Tips That Will Wow Calgary Buyers

    Some people consider landscaping as accessories, a luxury that they never consider investing. For some who love it, landscaping is part of their hobby and they want to give nature right care it deserves. Residents are proud of Calgary landscaping that is so amazing that every home seems to have a su…Read More