1. calgary snow removal

    What Does a Snow Removal Service Provide?

    With winter nearly here, you wonder if a snow removal service is a worthy option to use at your home or commercial property. But, then, you think to yourself, what does a snow removal service in Calgary offer? Well, Project Landscape is here to answer that question. Snow Plowing Whether you have a r…Read More

  2. calgary firepit

    Fire Pit Options to Choose From

    What better way to create a cozy place than sitting at a fire to keep warm with winter approaching. The best part is you can with a fire pit Calgary provider. Here are some excellent fire pit designs that you might like. A Wood Burning Fire Pit Why not enjoy a realistic replica of sitting at a campf…Read More

  3. calgary paving stones

    Learn More About Our Paving Stone Projects

    Interlocking paving stones are made from high-density concrete and are manufactured in a wide range of colors and shapes.  They are strong and attractive and can be used in a number of different places around your home or business. Driveways Because it is so commonplace, we often forget that the dr…Read More

  4. calgary fence

    7 Fence Building Tips

    Fences represent safety of our property, family members, and pets. Choosing the right fencing material is critical in your long-term enjoyment and durability. Objective First identify the primary reason you want the fence.  Is it to keep your dogs in?  Identify and maintain property lines?  The a…Read More

  5. snow removal calgary

    Looking for Professional Snow Removal in Calgary?

    It's almost time.  The white flakes are just waiting to drift to the ground and pile up.  Winter is on the way with its snow.  Project Landscape is ready to help you with this odious task.  We provide snow removal services for both commercial and residential clients. Commercial Many business own…Read More

  6. calgary lawn maintenance

    Tips for Calgary Landscape Maintenance

     The growing season is over and it is a realization about how much of your leisure time was tending to mowing and weeding and generally not enjoying it.  Now is the time to seriously think about hiring a landscape maintenance service.   To start with the company will know what to do and when to d…Read More

  7. Essential Landscaping Maintenance Services You Need

    General Bed Maintenance/Detailing This includes a range of services from good old lawn mowing to weeding, debris removal, and ground-cover control. The kind of services entailed in general bed maintenance may vary from season to season and may also depend on your type of lawn. However, they are nece…Read More

  8. fire pit calgary

    The Best Fire Pit Backyard Ideas to Keep the Party Going

    When you have a fire pit in Calgary, it becomes a centerpiece in your backyard. We have some fantastic ideas to consider when investing in one. You can even find some unconventional ones as well. Diamond Plated Fir Pit Calgary Using a diamond-plated fire pit works well if you’re short on space. Wi…Read More

  9. artificial turf calgary

    Why is Using Artificial Grass the Best

    Are you considering using an artificial grass Calgary service? Then you have chosen the best option as artificial turf has loads of benefits. The best part is it looks great, and if you find a drought-taking place, your lawn still looks great. But, that is not all; using artificial grass in Calgary …Read More

  10. snow removal calgary

    Commercial Snow Removal Calgary

    One of the essential services in Calgary is snow removal. The truth is for six months of the year, residence experience heavy precipitation. Do you want to keep your business safe, sidewalks ice-free, and parking lots clear? Then you need a snow removal service in Calgary to provide you with plowing…Read More