1. cedar deck calgary

    Top Cedar Deck Maintenance Tips

    Cedar decks have several functional and aesthetic benefits. Cedar is naturally resistant to rotting, insect infestation, splitting, and warping. As a bonus, its shrinkage ratio is lower than that of most other varieties of wood. However, regular deck care is essential to preserve the aesthetic appea…Read More

  2. rock garden

    What Plants Grow Best In Rocks?

    Many people believe that rock gardens are both beautiful and practical. This type of garden is easier to maintain than others because it doesn't require frequent mowing and deadheading. Traditional rock gardens may have serious issues that need to be fixed for plants to grow. The soil in a rock gard…Read More

  3. climate planting zones

    What Landscaping Zone Am I In?

    There might be a valid explanation if you've had trouble cultivating plants and flowers in and around your yard. It would be best to read this article before giving up and selling your gardening supplies since you could have a "green thumb," after all. Have you ever wondered whether you could obtain…Read More

  4. lawn calgary

    Can Landscaping Increase Home Value

    One of the most integral actions you can do to raise the value of your property is to landscape your garden. Apart from merely raising value, it is a great method to make the most of your outdoor area. You may create a garden you'll never want to leave by hiring experts to create a style specificall…Read More

  5. composite deck

    Top Benefits of Composite Decking

    Summers are meant to be spent laying in a lawn chair on a beautiful deck with a cold drink in hand, enjoying the summer sun and warmth. Having a deck that needs repairs and tedious maintenance can be a drag unless you have a composite deck- then you won’t have that problem. Traditional wooden deck…Read More

  6. artificial turf project landscape

    Top Benefits of Artificial Turf

    Every homeowner dreams of having a beautiful home inside and out. Lush green lawns, colorful flowerbeds, lush trees; a home paradise. For some, the climate and seasonal conditions don’t exactly allow for lush green grass, or the soil conditions just aren’t right for grass, this is where artifici…Read More

  7. fall landscape tips

    Fall Lawn Maintenance Checklist

    Autumn- the leaves changing colors, football games, pumpkin spice lattes, and flavored foods, and Halloween is right around the corner. Not far behind is winter, and getting your yard and garden ready can be a big, but necessary task. As the leaves cover the ground, pests look for the coziest of lea…Read More

  8. perennial shade plants calgary hosta

    Best Perennial Shade Plants

    Gardens are beautiful additions to your home, making it look appealing and inviting to guests who visit you, but not all gardens have access to sunlight 6 plus hours a day in every corner, making heavily shaded areas look drab or barren. There are blooming perennials that prefer shade and will brigh…Read More

  9. commercial landscaping calgary

    How to Improve Your Commercial Property with Landscaping

    A well-kept exterior landscape is essential for commercial properties. A beautiful and well-kept garden attracts many consumers and improves your image of the business. Most firms are more concerned with the interior than the exterior of the commercial space. However, whenever anyone walks into your…Read More

  10. outdoor fire pit calgary

    Outdoor Fire Pit Ideas

    Fire pits are a terrific way to improve your outdoor experience in any season. They are also the best method to turn your yard or balcony into a delightful spot to gather with family members and friends. A fire pit would be ideal for all those who have a simple backyard, but if you already have the …Read More