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If you're searching design ideas for outdoor fire pits or fireplaces in Calgary, Project Landscape is Calgary goto company. WE specialize in incorporating such features into your outdoor living space. Whether you're looking for fire bowls, fire pits, fire tables, or fireplaces, we offer a wide range of options that can complement any landscape design. Explore our offerings for inspiration and to enhance your outdoor space.

If you're searching design ideas for outdoor fire pits or fireplaces in Calgary, Project Landscape is Calgary goto company. WE specialize in incorporating such features into your outdoor living space. Whether you're looking for fire bowls, fire pits, fire tables, or fireplaces, we offer a wide range of options that can complement any landscape design. Explore our offerings for inspiration and to enhance your outdoor space.

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One of the fastest growing trends in Calgary is adding a fire pit to your outdoor landscape. Fire pits can be a great addition to backyard landscaping and can bring endless enjoyment. Fire pits can create family nights cooking hot dogs and s’mores, they can provide warmth and light, and they can become a natural gathering area for entertaining friends. Project Landscape not only installs a number of different, designed wood burning and natural gas fire pits, but we also keep up on Calgary’s safety regulations for outdoor fire pits.

Outdoor fire pit design and installation

If you’re looking to enhance your backyard with a fire feature, we’ve got you covered. Explore our gallery for inspiring backyard firepit ideas. Moreover, we can seamlessly integrate various fire features into the designs of other outdoor structures like patios, decks, and hardscapes.  With several options to choose from, our professional team will guide you in selecting the perfect fire feature that aligns with your needs and style preferences. We’ll thoroughly discuss the advantages and considerations of each option, ensuring you’re well-informed before we commence any work. Your outdoor space’s transformation is our priority.  

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The Importance of Professional Fireplace Installation

 The importance of professional fireplace installation cannot be overstated. When dealing with gas and fire, safety should be a top priority. Having a trained and experienced team handle the installation ensures that it meets all safety requirements. Poor installation can result in various issues and even pose risks to your property and family.  Our dedicated team is committed to taking every necessary precaution to guarantee a flawless design and installation process. With our expertise, you can enjoy your fire feature with peace of mind, knowing it has been installed correctly and safely, allowing you to fully appreciate its warmth and ambiance. Your safety and satisfaction are our utmost concerns.

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Create the perfect setting in your outdoor living space with our wide selection of fire pits in Calgary. Choose from our range of wood-burning fire pits, propane-powered fire pits, and natural gas fire pits, as well as fire tables and bowls. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of a crackling wood fire or the convenience of a gas-powered fire pit, we have the perfect option to suit your needs and elevate your outdoor experience.

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Fire pit deck and patio combinations to make your landscape sizzle

Transform your Calgary backyard into a cozy retreat with Project Landscape’s stunning array of Calgary fire pits. Imagine gathering around a warm, flickering fire bowl, the star attraction of your outdoor living space. Whether you’re looking for outdoor fire pits that complement the natural beauty of your garden or patio fire pits that add a touch of elegance to your deck, we have you covered. Our deck fire features are designed not just to mesmerize but to enhance the warmth and allure of your outdoor gatherings. Let us help you ignite the charm in your Calgary home with a fire pit that becomes the heart of every outdoor celebration

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Custom fire pits Calgary to suit any outdoor living space

As a Calgary landscape contractor, we understand the benefits of having a custom fire pit as part of your outdoor living space. Fire pits serve as a beautiful accent piece that can bring your landscape to life. They fit in perfect with backyard patios, pergolas, and decks and can be incorporated into retaining walls.

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Calgary fire pit design ideas

Often the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to outdoor fire pits are round stone boring fire pits places in the centre of a circle paving stone patio. The whole point of the fire pit being incorporated into your landscape, besides entertaining is to create a focal point in your backyard. By adding plants, seat walls or the right style of paving stones you can make your fire pit area into a more functional centre piece.

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Calgary Fire Pit & Fireplaces Benefits

Entertainment Hub

Fire pits serve as a focal point for gatherings, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere for social events, family time, or parties.

Extended Outdoor Season

Fire pits allow you to enjoy your backyard during cooler months, extending the time you can spend outdoors.

Increased Property Value

A well-designed fire pit can add to the overall value and appeal of your property.

Natural Light and Warmth

They provide a source of natural light and warmth, making your outdoor space more comfortable in the evenings or during cooler weather.

Versatility in Design

Fire pits come in various designs and sizes, fitting into different backyard themes and spaces, from modern to rustic.

Relaxation and Stress Relief

The act of sitting around a fire has a calming effect, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

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Calgary fire pit installation tips

There are many options when it comes to shape, size, color and style of your fire pit

Here are some things to take into consideration before your design consultation

  • Fire pits don’t have to be round and in the centre of your patio. They can be square, rectangle, L shaped or a custom build.
  • Determine the best location for your fire pit. Consider convenience, safety, and space
  • Built in fire pits can be built as wood burning or natural gas. Take into consideration comparing the price of fuel vs. wood costs.

outdoor Calgary fireplace design ideas

An outdoor fire place provides an inviting atmosphere and a focal point that transforms your landscape into an outdoor living room. Outdoor fire places are typically built in two different methods. One, the use of brick and mortar, this being very time consuming and expensive. Two, the outdoor fire place kits, this gives the consumer a lower cost and less time consuming. There are a number of options when it comes to shapes, sizes and styles when using fire place kits, which gives home owners a more beneficial selection.

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get the highest quality calgary landscaping materials

As local trend setters in landscaping and outdoor living, we’re dedicated to using only the finest materials in our projects. Our goal is to create a visually stunning and valuable addition to your home. Dive into the world of exceptional landscape products with us and step beyond the ordinary into a realm of extraordinary design possibilities. From elegant paving stones to low maintenance decking materials, and landscape lighting options to create a wow factor, we offer a plethora of choices. Find your unique style effortlessly with our user-friendly online material selection guide, and start crafting the outdoor oasis of your dreams today!

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There are pros and cons to using both wood and natural gas. Both options are equally beneficial in any over landscape design and come in equal styles, color and design options.


Honestly, who doesnt love the crackling sound wood makes in the fire, it seems to give a better experience in being one with nature. When taking the wood burning option for your new fire pit or outdoor fireplace, it also gives the benefit of having campfire cookouts, where natural gas realeses fumes that can be harmful to your food.

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Warm up at night with a custom fire pit install

Awards and Certificates

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get comfortable with these top choice Calgary fire pits

beltis fire pit calgary

Beltis fire Pit (Belgard)

barkman fire pit calgary

Architextures fire pit (Barkman)

Bridgewood Fire pit (Barkman)

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everything you need to know about calgary fire pit and fireplace safety

Backyard fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and wood burning ovens must meet Calgary bylaw standards for your safety and enjoyment, as well as your neighbors’.

Here are a few tips to help you understand:

  1. Backyard fire pits should be built into the ground, on brick or stone, or in a fireproof container. Portable fire pits may be used on a deck as long as they sit on brick or stone and not directly on your wooden deck.
  2. Fire pits must be at least two meters away from your property line, house, garage, or fence.
  3. Fire pits must NOT be under trees, branches, plants, or other materials that can catch fire.
  4. All fires in your fire pit must be kept to a reasonable size: one meter high and wide. A mesh screen or “spark guard” is now required in order to reduce the spread of embers and sparks from wood burning fire pits.
  5. Only burn clean, dry firewood. Do not burn wood that is painted, treated wood, or wood with glue or resin.
  6. Always have a way to put out the fire close to your fire pit. Easy options are your watering hose or a bucket of water.
  7. All fires in your fire pit must be continually supervised.
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Calgary Fire bowls

Lumi Fire bowl

Sedona Narrow Ledge Fire Pit

Sedona Narrow Ledge Fire bowl

Sequoia Fire bowl

Sequoia Fire

turn up the heat in your outdoor living space with a fire pit

Extend your outdoor living space and create a cozy ambiance with a fire pit. Whether you’re looking to gather around the fire with family and friends or enjoy a quiet evening under the stars, a fire pit adds warmth and charm to your outdoor area. At Project Landscape, we specialize in designing and installing custom fire pits that complement your style and enhance your outdoor experience. Contact us today to discuss your fire pit project and start enjoying the benefits of an extended outdoor living space.

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Attention To Detail Every Step Of The Process

  • 1

    Consultation & Site Analysis

    Consultation & Site Analysis for fire pits and fireplaces involves assessing the location, understanding client needs, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations. This stage determines optimal placement and design to enhance ambiance while prioritizing safety and functionality.

  • 2

    Design & Planning

    In the Design & Planning phase for fire pits and fireplaces, customized designs are created, considering client preferences and site specifics. This involves selecting the style, size, and location, ensuring the fire feature integrates seamlessly with the outdoor space and meets safety standards.

  • 3

    Preparation of the site

    Site preparation for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits is a crucial step, involving clearing the area, ensuring level ground, and establishing a safe perimeter. It includes preparing the foundation and arranging for utilities if needed, setting the stage for a secure and efficient installation process.

  • 4

    Professional Installation

    Professional installation of outdoor fire pits and fireplaces is a comprehensive process. Technicians skillfully assemble the structure, adhering to design plans and safety protocols. If the customer opts for a gas model, expertly hooking up gas lines is included, ensuring a safe and efficient setup, as opposed to wood-burning options.

  • 5

    Walkthrough & Education

    The final phase for outdoor fireplaces and fire pits involves demonstrating their use, discussing safety practices, and providing maintenance tips. This ensures clients fully understand how to safely enjoy and care for their new outdoor fire feature.

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Frequently asked questions about fire pit & fireplace design and installation

Explore our FAQ section for helpful answers to common questions about fire pits, fireplaces, and our wide selection of fire features. Whether you’re curious about installation, safety, or the different types of fire features available, our FAQ provides valuable information to assist you in making informed decisions for your outdoor living space. Visit our FAQ page to find the answers you need and discover the perfect fire feature for your needs.
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