If you’re in search of a Calgary deck builder near you, look no further than Project Landscape. We offer a wide range of colors, styles and maintenance free options to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your deck. Let Project Landscape help you build the outdoor living space of your dreams!

We are one of the leading deck-building companies in Calgary

At Project Landscape, our reputation as one of Calgary’s top deck builders isn’t just built on quality craftsmanship; it’s also about our unwavering commitment to meet and exceed your expectations. Our team of professional deck contractors is dedicated to delivering projects that are not only within your budget and schedule but also align perfectly with your envisioned design. Here are a few more reasons why Calgarians choose our team.


  • Carpenters, designers, and contractors with years of experience
  • Certified in most major composite brands
  • We secure all proper permits for you
  • Unmatched warranty
  • Backed by local suppliers and Industry leaders

Awards and Certificates

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What Are Some Important Decisions About Your New Deck

During your consultation, Project Landscape will explore more than just budget, discussing crucial aspects like design, location, materials, and functionality to realize your ideal deck. What else is a must to be considered?

Your Outdoor Maintenance Needs
In Calgary, while traditional wood decks remain popular, many clients choose composite decking for its low maintenance. Considering the time and cost of maintaining wood, including periodic painting or staining, composite decking can be a wise investment. Initially more expensive, it offers long-term savings in time and maintenance costs, making it a cost-effective choice over the lifespan of your deck.

Your Existing Landscaping
Your Project Landscape Design Consultant will personally visit your home to thoroughly assess your property. This allows them to make informed recommendations about your new deck’s shape, size, and orientation. They’ll take precise measurements and identify any potential challenges in constructing the deck within your available space. Project Landscape is committed to meeting all setback requirements and addressing any drainage concerns, ensuring your deck is not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to standard and compliant with regulations. This thorough approach guarantees a deck that is both beautiful and functional, tailored to your unique space and needs.

Deck Amenities & Upgrads
Project Landscape elevates your custom deck beyond just materials, adding luxury with amenities like deck lighting, pergolas for shade, custom railings, and even an outdoor fireplace or fire pit, for an unparalleled outdoor experience.

Your Outdoor Living Needs
Understanding how you plan to use your new deck is crucial. If entertaining is your goal, our Design Consultant will recommend a spacious design that accommodates guests comfortably and ensures smooth foot traffic flow, enhancing the overall functionality and enjoyment of your space.

Type Of Calgary Deck Design & Installation Services

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Composite decks

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Pressure treated decks

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Cedar decks

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Exotic Hardwood decks

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Custom Decks Tailored To Your Needs

At Project Landscape, we specialize in crafting custom decks that truly reflect your home’s character and meet your unique needs. Understanding that a deck is a valuable addition to your living space, our skilled team collaborates closely with you to create more than just a deck, but a stunning extension of your home. Whether you envision a serene spot for relaxation, a spacious deck for social gatherings, or an innovative upper deck for under-deck living, we’re here to make it happen.

Maximize Your Deck With These Custom Features

A deck can be so much more than just a basic platform for outdoor gatherings. With Project Landscape, your deck becomes a canvas for creating a personalized outdoor living space tailored to your unique needs and style preferences. Our team of skilled deck builders specializes in adding custom features that not only enhance the functionality of your deck but also its aesthetic appeal. From built-in seating and lighting to customized railing designs and integrated planters, we offer a variety of options to elevate your deck into a versatile and stylish extension of your home. Let us help you transform your deck into a space that truly reflects your personal taste and lifestyle, making it the perfect backdrop for relaxation, entertainment, and making memories.

Some of our most popular deck features include:
Deck lighting
Outdoor kitchens and grills
A wide range of patio furniture
Built-in seating and storage
Pergolas and shade structures
Multi-level designs

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What Are The Components That Make Up The Deck Project Cost?

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Effective design is key to creating your ideal deck. A thoughtfully planned deck can prevent unexpected issues such as measurement errors. While the overall project expenses are not strictly related to the deck’s size, the dimensions do influence the cost of materials. By ensuring your deck is accurately sized from the start, you can dedicate more attention to fulfilling your desired features later.

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The materials you select play a crucial role in determining the visual appeal of your deck, whether you choose cedar, pressure-treated wood, or synthetic alternatives such as Fiberon or Deckorators composite decking. There’s a notable correlation between the cost and aesthetics of these materials. Opting for a more attractive deck usually incurs higher expenses. Yet, choosing more affordable options does not generally lead to a loss in quality. On average, materials make up about 40% to 50% of the entire cost of a deck project.

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Our skilled team, including designers, project managers, and installers, works together to guarantee a smooth process. Our installers are approachable and effective communicators, ensuring you can consistently consult with the same project manager you’ve been collaborating with from the start. The labor cost for constructing a deck varies based on factors such as design, foundation, additional features, and materials used. As each project is distinct, the required labor hours differ accordingly.

get the highest quality calgary landscaping materials

As local trend setters in landscaping and outdoor living, we’re dedicated to using only the finest materials in our projects. Our goal is to create a visually stunning and valuable addition to your home. Dive into the world of exceptional landscape products with us and step beyond the ordinary into a realm of extraordinary design possibilities. From elegant paving stones to low maintenance decking materials, and landscape lighting options to create a wow factor, we offer a plethora of choices. Find your unique style effortlessly with our user-friendly online material selection guide, and start crafting the outdoor oasis of your dreams today!

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Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Enhance your outdoor living space with a custom deck. At Project Landscape, we specialize in creating tailor-made deck solutions to elevate your outdoor experience. Our skilled team of craftsmen will work closely with you to design and build the perfect deck that complements your style and needs. Whether you’re envisioning a cozy retreat or a spacious entertainment area, we bring your ideas to life. Trust Project Landscape to expand your outdoor living space and provide you with a beautiful, functional deck that becomes the heart of your outdoor oasis. Contact us today to start your custom deck project.

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Best-In-Class Decking Materials & Installations

Choosing Project Landscape? Get ready for a stunning, stylish deck that’ll make your neighbors do a double-take. We get that your deck should be a natural extension of your house and add to its overall look. That’s why we’re here to work with you, creating a deck that’s not just a looker but super functional too. And don’t sweat the details – our project managers have got it all under control, from start to finish.

Think of your new deck as your personal oasis. Whether you’re dreaming of a chill spot to relax after work or a lively area for family BBQs, we’ve got your back. Our custom decks are just the ticket for any kind of outdoor fun – parties, barbecues, or just soaking up the sun.

We play by the rules, sticking to Calgary’s bylaws to the letter, so you know your deck’s not just cool but also up to code. Teaming up with top-notch decking pros like Fiberon & Deckorators, we ensure your deck is made with the best materials in the market. With our eye for details and the best materials, your deck will be tough enough to handle whatever life throws at it and easy to take care of, too.

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Why Choose Project Landscape For Your Deck Installation & Design


Project Landscape boasts certification as an authorized installer for decking products, officially accredited by industry leaders Fiberon, Deckorators, and Wolf.

Leading Residential Installer

Discover valuable knowledge from Calgary’s top professionals in deck design and installation; we are acknowledged as one of the most prominent residential decking installers in Calgary.

Cost Savings

By purchasing decking materials in large quantities, we’re able to negotiate better deals with our suppliers and pass these cost savings directly to you.

Award Winning

We take great pride in our achievements and are honored to have been recognized with several prestigious awards. This includes the distinction of being consistently ranked among the top 3 landscape & deck companies in Calgary for six straight years.

Ironclad Warranty

Understanding that unforeseen circumstances can arise, we’ve established a thorough warranty program. This plan is tailored to offer you, our valued customer, assurance and security, guaranteeing that your interests are protected in all eventualities.

Custom Designs

We go beyond the standard, uninspired builder-grade decks by injecting creativity into every project. Our designs are tailored to not only enhance your home’s exterior but also to transform your backyard into the perfect setting.

Backed By Industry Leaders

Project Landscape is supported by the industry’s leading names, offering more than just a standard manufacturer’s warranty. This is an extra advantage you get when you work with us.


Discover the simplicity of upgrading your outdoor space with our flexible financing options. No matter your budget, we have a payment plan that fits your needs, making it easier than ever to enjoy outdoor living.

Phased Building Program

Spread out the cost with a phased building program At Project Landscape, we not only provide made-to-order combination outdoor spaces but also offer a unique phased building option tailored to your needs.

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Phased Building Program

Spread out the cost with a phased building programAt Project Landscape, we not only provide made-to-order combination outdoor spaces but also offer a unique phased building option tailored to your needs. This approach begins with us custom designing a combination outdoor living space that includes the components you desire. We strategically divide the project into segments, such as a deck and pergola, patio and fire pit, and softscaping elements. We start by building the first segment and then schedule the construction of the second and third segments at a time that suits your budget. The advantage of this staged approach is that it allows us to lay the groundwork for future phases during the initial construction. This method is both efficient and cost-effective, as it eliminates the need to undo or redo work, thereby reducing unnecessary.

Deck Inspection And Building Permits

Calgary homeowners that are looking to upgrade or create their outdoor living space by building a deck, must take note of local building permits.A building permit can serve more than one purpose, they ensure the decks are compliant with zoning bylaws, safe for friends and family and protects homeowners from poor building practices.

If your uncovered deck is higher than 0.6m (2’-0”) above grade at any point, a building permit will be required for any of the following scenarios:

  • You are building a new deck
  • You are replacing, rebuilding, or extending an existing deck
  • You are replacing any structural components of an existing deck
  • You are adding stairs to an existing deck
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Enjoy The Outdoors From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Living in Calgary, you know there’s something special about being outdoors – it’s relaxing and rejuvenating all at once. So, why not make the most of it with your very own custom deck from Project Landscape? Picture this: enjoying your morning coffee with a view of the Rockies or unwinding in the evening while the aspen trees whisper in the breeze. You’ll soon see how much a deck can enhance your home.

Our team is all about bringing your dream deck to life, from design to installation. We’ve got the building part down, but your ideas are what we’re really after. Before we even start with the first plank, we’ll sit down with you to hash out a design that fits both your wishes and your wallet. After that, leave it to us – we’ll handle everything from getting the permits to putting on the final touches.

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Deck foundations

Screw piles:
Deck foundations are the key element of any deck. The screw pile system consists of long galvanized steel that is twisted into the ground using hydraulics.
Screw piles are the best option for raised decking (walkouts) for their high load advantage, as opposed to concrete piles. Another advantage of screw piles deck foundations, is that they can be installed quickly with little disturbance to your surrounding landscape.

Concrete deck piles:
Concrete pile foundations are the common style for deck footings. They are typically created on-site using a concrete mix. They are poured into a cylinder using sonotubes, with different size diameters to accommodate load requirements.

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calgary deck foundations

Attention To Detail Every Step Of The Process

  • Consultation:

    Our team collaborates with you from the start, aligning with your vision, needs, and budget to create the perfect deck plan, ensuring you receive tailored, professional guidance throughout the process.

  • Custom design:

    After understanding your needs, our designers will create a custom deck that beautifully complements your home’s aesthetic and aligns with your personal style and preferences.

  • Material selection:

    Select from a range of top-quality materials including exotic hardwoods, vinyl, cedar, pressure-treated wood, and low-maintenance composite options. Our team will guide you in finding the perfect match for your taste and budget, guaranteeing a superior and lasting deck result.

  • Professional Installation:

    Our expert carpenters are just a phone call away. Renowned for award-winning deck installations, they consistently deliver work that excels in quality and meets the highest industry standards.

  • Finishing touches:

    Explore our wide range of deck add-ons like elegant deck lighting, bespoke railings, and detailed inlay patterns. These features are designed to provide your deck with a distinctive and flawlessly finished appearance, ensuring it makes a remarkable statement in your outdoor space.

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Frequently Asked Question

Check out our FAQ section for detailed answers to all your deck building queries in Calgary. Whether it’s about design options, selecting the right materials, understanding permit requirements, or knowing about deck maintenance, our FAQ has got you covered with useful tips and insights. Head over to our website now to get all the info you need to build your ideal deck and enhance your outdoor space in Calgary.

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At Project Landscape Ltd., we are constantly reviewing and negotiating preferred pricing arrangements with our suppliers and trade partners to get you the best value for your money.
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