An Arbor is a vertical and upside horizontal structure which is usually an entrance in a garden or landscape. It usually used to provide entrance, shelter, shade, privacy and beauty. It gives a graceful accent to your garden, yard or pathway. And you have endless possibilities to decorate it make it look elegant and to bring style to your backyard landscape. An Arbor can be easily blended in a landscape with flowers and vining plants on it to make it look beautiful and give it a natural look pleasant to eye. Climbing roses, cypress vines and moon flowers are some beautiful specimens to use.

Arbors have different styles and designs mostly the walls and the top roof are made of open frameworks, this way the colourful and cherishing attracting vines can be seen. Arbors are crafted in a way that they are left with space for vining plants to reach the top. A basic Arbor consists of usually two or four posts which are of a simple roof. Usually the two sides of Arbor are open but they can also be covered with vining plants. Designing and Installing an Arbor can be an easy or complex job depending on the location where it is to be placed.

Calgary Arbors can be easily constructed with pressure treated wood, cedar wood, ironor steel as you choose them to be.

An arbor can be of many designs depending on the choice. A formal arbor with well-manicured plantings nearby. An arched arbor that is arched on top but may have a flat covering. Or a traditional one that is arched on top with a flat roof built in. Moreover, with thin strips of wood with crisscross patterns are decorative and allow for vines to grab onto the surface as they creep upward. Climbing roses, moonflowers and cypress vines are good specimens to use. Avoid perennial ivy that becomes heavy and is difficult to remove. The weight may be too much for delicate lattice work and these are often invasive. Popular Garden Arbor Styles Gabled: A pitched roof design, much like the pointed roof on some houses. These can be assembled from wooden or metal materials or you can get creative and make it from bricks or blocks.

For parties and special events, weave string lights and garland through the openings. For a fun touch, you could even attach balloons all over for a festive touch. Use it at your next wedding, garden party, special event, and add elegancy to your lawn.

An arbor is a place of shade and usually has sheltered seating, such as a bench. For adding more beauty to it, an arbor is used as a vine-covered entrance or focal point located within the garden. Keep in mind, you’re not limited to just one arbor in your garden. Arbors have been used in gardens for centuries. Add one (or more) in your modern-day garden, using any combination of these types and features. You may find you’re drawn to it and use your landscape more often.

Arched arbor:

The most common type of arbor, generally made from wood or metal. Usually, the sides of this style have an up-grid ladder style to support plants when growing upwards.

Gabled arbor:

Gabled arbors have a steep A-frame sloped top. They’re usually made from cedar or pressure-treated wood.

Arbors with benches:

Arbors with benches can make the perfect setting tucked away in the corner of your backyard for a relaxing destination.