Concrete landscape curbing

Concrete curbing adds character to your landscape and acts as an effective border to keep a clean edge around your garden beds or other landscaped areas. It’s a great alternative to plastic or aluminum landscape edging, for the simple reason as it doesn’t have to be replaced if properly cared for.

Advantages of having concrete curbing concrete curbing calgary

  • Comes in a wide range of colors and patterns to match your exterior brick, stone and colors of your home
  • Improves your overall landscape appearance
  • Concrete curbing is durable, does not shift, separate and has a PSI rating of 3000
  • Saves you time on trimming your turf areas
  • Concrete curbing provides a permanent effective root barrier, which keeps grass from encroaching in your garden beds.

Adding lights in your concrete curbing

Installing continuous lighting to your concrete borders gives your landscape and home a natural look. Unlike landscape lighting, lighted borders enhance your entire landscape through the night, rather than just having certain accents throughout your yard lit up.

Installation of concrete landscape edgingconcrete curbing calgary

Concrete landscape edging is continuously poured on site, which allows us to create a number of different colors, shapes and designs. It Beneficial to both commercial and residential properties and is used in a variety of different landscape settings.

  • Garden bed edging
  • Along pathways
  • Golf courses
  • Playgrounds
  • Pool areas
  • Bordering artificial turf
  • School parks

These available concrete landscape curbing styles are for commercial and residential landscapes

All curbing doesn’t have to look alike, a great feature of concrete landscape curbing is the different styles that can be poured. Some shapes are designed for specific purposes

concrete curbing calgaryThe angle style is the most popular mold for residential homes. Having your curbing poured on an angle also shows the stamp design off so much more.

concrete curbing calgaryGreat for yards with multiple garden beds or long stretches of curbing. Mower style curbing is also great for bordering patios or artificial turf. With a high backing it holds in the ground material into the garden beds and the low front cuts down on your lawn trimming time.

concrete curbing calgaryMost commonly used on commercial properties, a bit bigger and bulkier then the other concrete curb options.

Concrete landscape curbing Installation process

The landscape installation process for commercial and residential homes in Calgary falls into two categories. One being new homes or businesses, where we have a blank canvas, this making it easier for the actual installation process. Two; existing landscape, this is where we are going into already established landscape and things can get worse before they get better. A big concern that businesses and home owners have is the damage that can be caused while preforming landscaping. Concrete curbing takes away from any or little damage taking place. There is no forms to be installed like the installation of regular concrete, wheel barrels aren’t running back and forth over your grass and you have no chance of concrete being splashed on the side of your house or on your turf.

The installation process is as easy as 1 2 3

1: The first step of the process for your concrete landscape curbing is ground preparation. A trench is dug out that is approximately 2 inches deep and 10 inches wide using shovels or a sod cutting machine on larger projects.

2: Once the excavation is complete, cleaned up and raked level the concrete is mixed. All our concrete for curbing is mixed on site, making very kittle mess. Once the mix is complete, the necessary curb mold is attached to the machine to commence pouring.

3: The final stage of your new concrete curbing starts. This involves the use of hand tools and a bit of detail work. Like regular concrete expansion joints are cut in to the curbing every 2 feet or so, to control any cracking. The whole installation process usually takes 1 day, depending on the size of the project.

Frequently asked questions about concrete landscape curbing

How long does the installation process take for concrete landscape curbing?

It normally takes 1 day for installation, depending on the footage that has to be poured. If it takes longer than a day. We would finish to an end point on a garden bed and start a new one the next morning.

Over time will the color fade?

No, we use integral colors on all our concrete installations. Having your concrete landscape curbing sealed once per year is also recommended to help with the longevity of the product.

Will my concrete landscape curbing crack?

All concrete cracks. Concrete landscape curbing has a PSI rating of 3000, much like a concrete patio, walkway or driveway. To control cracking we cut in control joints every couple feet.

Can you guarantee the color on the sample that I picked will be exactly like the finished product?

Color samples should be used only as a guide. Although your curbing will come out close to what you have chosen.

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