Enhance your outdoor living space with a new cedar deck or fence in Calgary

Why Choose Cedar Decking in Calgary?

Installing a cedar deck in Calgary is the perfect green option.

Wood decking is the most versatile; you can stain or repaint to match the ever-changing styles.

Cedar decking is a long-term investment; it holds up to shrinking, warping, harsh weather and is highly resistant to rot.

Price is the primary reason why homeowners opt for wood decking. When compared to vinyl or composite, cedar decking costs roughly half the cost.

Cedar decking is the best choice when it comes to natural beauty. It gives the feel of the great outdoors that can be incorporated into any landscape.

Cedar decks:

Cedar decking is one of the most prominent decking and building materials across Calgary, and given its number of benefits, it’s easy to see why. A cedar deck is a perfect addition to your outdoor living space.

Another advantage of using cedar for your decking material is that Cedar has a natural resistance to weathering, moisture, and insects. Being a decent step up from pressure-treated wood and being affordable when it comes to decks as well as one of the most attractive materials on the Calgary market.

Advantages to cedar decking

  • Less prone to warping
  • Resists moisture absorption 
  • Naturally resistant to rotting & insects
  • Cost affective 
  • Eco-friendly
  • No staining required 
  • Resistant to temperature & weather conditions 
  • No chemical treatments 

Cedar decking

Wood is by far the most commonly used material for deck installations, cedar being at the top of the class compared to the other options. A step up from pressure-treated wood with a slight cost increase, makes it the ideal choice for a natural more classic look. While outdoor living trends come and go, cedar decking never seems to go out of style. 

Some creations we’ve designed and built with cedar wood include

  • Single & multi-level decks
  • Front porches 
  • Pergola and gazebos Stairs
  • Privacy screens
  • Planters and vegetable gardens 
  • Railing for decks, stairs and porches
  • Soffit for upper decks 

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Pressure treated decks:

One of the biggest advantages of installing a pressure-treated deck is that it is affordable. When compared to other decking materials such as cedar, dura deck or composite. It’s going to come in quite a bit cheaper. So if you’re working off a tight budget, this wood is going to be very attractive.

Another great advantage of installing pressure-treated wood for your deck, other than price is its durability, pressure-treated wood is the most durable wood on the market. Which helps with dents and scratches over a period of time.

A somewhat new version of pressure-treated wood has been put on the market, referred to as brown pressure-treated lumber. It has less maintenance than the green treating method as it needs no stain upon completion. 

What is pressure-treated wood?

Pressure-treated wood is no stronger than regular untreated wood. The only difference is that pressure-treated wood will resist the elements better than untreated. Pressure-treated wood is chemically treated wood to resist molding, rotting and insects.  In the process, the lumber is sealed and the air is extracted. Once that is complete, a chemical preservative is added, so it will maintain its integrity in conditions that would cause normal wood to rot. It is ground contact approved and has twice the treatments as other woods for decks that are close to the surface.

Advantages of pressure-treated wood

  • Durability
  • Insect resistant
  • Cost-effective
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy to repair
  • Natural looking 
  • Long-lasting with a life span of 20-plus years 
  • Recognized for structural building

Pressure-treated decks costs

Pressure-treated decks can have a range of square foot pricing, depending on what the consumer is looking for. Costs can increase on more complex deck builds, the height of the deck and if you are looking for a multi-level deck. When estimating on pressure-treated decks, Project Landscape shows complete transparency to our customers, showing our square foot pricing, how many square feet you are being quoted on, how your deck will be constructed and the material that is being used.

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