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Pergolas can act as a focal point of your landscape, providing shelter from the hot sun, privacy from neighbors, and a discreet setting when entertaining friends and family. We’ve got you covered.

Complete your outdoor space with Custom Pergolas

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Pergolas are free standing structures placed most of the time within backyard landscapes. They can be used as shade on patios, decks, outdoor cooking stations or entertaining areas in your outdoor living space. A pergola usually has four open sides with a slated roof top.

Redefine your patio or deck area in your back yard landscape with a custom pergola. Enhance your outdoor entertainment and complete your roof top aesthetic. Not only is a new pergola functional, but also should be the accent of your outdoor living space.

Types of pergolas for your Calgary yard:

There are several different types of pergolas, cedar being the most popular among Calgary consumers. Cedar is naturally insect resistant and looks beautiful in the end result. You can leave untreated or stain and seal to hold its natural state. Coming in a little more expensive then pressure treated wood it typically gets a longer life span.

Pressure treated wood is the least expensive option for your pergola. Using pressure treat gives you a reasonable life span and you have the option for staining or painting. More maintenance comes with the use of pressure treated wood as well as the lumber can warp or crack over time.

Choosing Vinyl can also be an option for your pergola. Priced higher than cedar or pressure treated wood, it comes with the benefit of virtually maintenance free and a good choice of color options.

Multi-Level Pergola:

Create the perfect outdoor retreat with a multi-level pergola. A two tiered or even a 3-tiered pergola can add definition to your backyard. These eye-catching outdoor structures are the new trend. Incorporating separate living areas into your backyard living space allows for a one of a kind personal oasis. Start enjoying the outdoor living area of your Calgary home by indulging yourself bringing the comfort of the indoors, out.

Calgary Patio Cover Installation & Design

Patio covers are similar to pergolas, except for the fact that they are attached to the house. Installing a patio cover is an affordable, easy option to upgrade the look of your outdoor living space.

Benefits of patio covers:

One of the top benefits of having a patio covered installed is that it adds beauty and value to the home. It creates shade on sunny days or you can still spend your time outdoors during an afternoon rain shower. Another added benefit to adding a patio cover is that it increases your homes resale value. Installing a patio cover is like killing two birds with one stone you reap the benefits and your adding value to your home.

Benefits of Pergola Lighting:

Make your outdoor space feel more like an indoor room. As pergolas are often used for social gatherings, why limit yourself to daytime events. The right lighting can change everything that will extend your enjoyment of the outdoors long past sunset.

Benefits To Outdoor Kitchens With A Pergola

We invite you to find out why more homeowners are moving the party outdoors, maximizing use of their outdoor space and making it a favorite destination for family and friends. Transform your property into an outdoor oasis; your home dining experience will never be quite the same. Shaded by a pergola, outdoor kitchens are the perfect solution for the aspiring chef.

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How do Pergolas add value to your landscape?

As outdoor living is becoming more and more popular, adding a Pergola increases the enjoyment and comfort of your outdoor living space, whether it  is situated over your deck, patio or porch.

Pergolas, like other shade structures in your outdoor living space add value, both to the homeowner and to the overall value of your property. The key to maintaining that value is maintaining the overall condition of your pergola, which is closely tied to the material used to build the Pergola.

A pergola is the perfect way to add character to an exterior space while serving a functional purpose.

Common Mistakes

Though pergola’s add value, shade and a unique look only pergola’s can bring, they can also make your yard feel out of proportion. A pergola should always be constructed with an aesthetic appeal in mind. In smaller yards, it is important to scale the size of your pergola accordingly so it acts as an accent for the rest of your yard, not an oversized eye soar.

Larger pergola’s compliment features such as a deck, pool, water feature or large seating areas. Always remember, the size of your pergola should compliment your backyard, it should never act as a focal point in your yard. Keep these little tips in mind and your pergola will continue to act as an asset in your landscape.

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