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At project landscape, we are committed to retaining a growing relationship with our local communities, including won

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Living in beautiful Okotoks: 

Located approximately 18km south of Calgary and having a population of just under 29,000, Okotoks is the largest town in all of Alberta.

Okotoks is situated on the sheep river making it famous for its trading post back in 1879. The town name is derived from Ohkotok, the Blackfoot first nation word for “rock”. The name refers to big rock, the largest glacier erratic in the foothills, which is situated 7km west of the town. Okotoks gives you all the comforts of a

big city with the convenience of short commutes to work and easy access to local amenities.

Commercial Landscaping In Okotoks

If you operate a business in Okotoks or the surrounding areas, you need to seriously consider hiring an experienced commercial landscaping company like Project Landscape. As a business owner, the appearance of your property is very important for a variety of reasons, and the right landscaping choices can provide you with a wide range of benefits, including: 

Appeal to Clients and Prospects 

There’s no doubt about it, an inviting, professionally landscaped property will leave a better impression on your clients and business prospects. How you take care of your space can be seen as a reflection of how you take care of your business, so you need to ensure that your landscaping is sending the right message. Hiring the right commercial landscaper in Okotoks can make all the difference.  

Create a Better Working Environment

Your clients aren’t the only ones who will appreciate a well-maintained, professionally landscaped property. Hiring a commercial landscaping company can help you create an attractive and professional work environment that your employees can be proud of. Happier employees are more productive employees, so you will benefit from giving your team a tranquil outdoor space where they can enjoy their breaks, clear their heads, and recharge before returning to work. 

Improve the Safety and Security of Your Property

When the area around your business is professionally landscaped and meticulously maintained, it looks safer and more inviting to visitors and employees alike. This isn’t just about perceptions, however. When you work with the right landscaping company in Okotoks, you can install lights and other fixtures that add an additional layer of security to your property. The experts at Project Landscape will provide you with a custom design that brings out the best in your landscape. Contact us today! 

Boosts Property Value 

If you ever decide to sell your property or lease out part of your space, you’ll be very glad that you invested in professional landscaping services. The appearance of your property can be the difference between receiving a high initial offer and fighting tooth-and-nail to get a decent price from interested parties. When you hire the right commercial landscaping company in Okotoks, you can rest assured that the appearance of your property will serve as leverage in any real estate negotiations. In fact, your landscaping could even be the factor that causes a buyer to pick up the phone and inquire about your space. 

Why choose Project landscape as your Commercial and residential landscape company?

Project landscape has been preforming landscape maintenance and landscape construction for both residential and commercial businesses through-out Calgary and surrounding areas. We have the experience and the know-how to complete any outdoor project.

You can’t afford to hire a landscape company that can’t deliver or fills you with empty promises. Hiring us for your services will give you peace of mind.

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