It starts with you, your family, and the home you deserve to enjoy.  Your lifestyle will best determine the landscape design that suits your individual needs. Project Landscape will take you through our process one step at a time to make your landscape fit your everyday lifestyle.

Step 1

Contacting Project Landscape at 403 257-4059 to set up your appointment for a free estimate is your first step! Once the estimate is scheduled, one of our landscape professionals will meet with you to discuss and determine your vision on your project.  During the initial consultation, we will discuss your ideas, the materials that we would suggest, any materials you have in mind and establish a budget with you. Often the right plan can actually save you money. Our knowledgeable and experienced estimators will meet with you at your home to discuss specifics of your project. We will be able to go through some examples of our work and show you some potential ideas for your property.

Step 2

The next step is for us to discuss the materials needed for your project.  Planning is key, and we have the expertise to complete your landscaping project in a professional and efficient manner.

Step 3

Once you have received your estimate and design ideas, we will work with you on any questions or concerns you many have. Should you decide you would like to move forward with Project Landscape, we will forward you our contract for review and again answer any questions you may have. At this time, we would request your RPR (Real Property Report). This will help us help you with the visualization of the completed project.

Final Step

We schedule the landscape installation and begin making your ideas and dreams a reality. Project Landscape takes care of everything—permits, ordering, scheduling of material drop off, change orders if requested, and so on. We always have our operation manager or foreman on site during your project, and at any time, you are welcome to communicate with us directly. We will also be in constant communication along the way so you are well informed of where we are at. Once your project is complete, we will do a walk through with you to ensure your complete satisfaction and that you are well informed on how to maintain your new landscape investment.

Things we suggest you think about before our initial meeting

Every project starts with a vision.  We suggest creating a list of things that may become a part of this project.  At our first meeting, we will want to talk about this list and see if we can start to use all this information to help you create exactly what you’re envisioning.

  1. What are my goals or visions for the yard?
  2. What is the best and most usable part of the yard and what is the worst?
  3. Are there any specific issues (steep unusable areas, poor views, wet areas) and what are the highlights of your space (great views, beautiful tree already there, a favorite spot in your yard)?
  4. Go ahead and look for some ideas to help give you a visual. Pinterest, magazines, and Google searches can certainly help inspire you.
  5. What kinds of materials would you like to use in your space (wood, brick, concrete, natural stone etc.)?
  6. Are you wanting your space re-graded, and will you want retaining walls built?
  7. What do you like for plants and shrubs? Is there anything you don’t like?
  8. How much maintenance of your space are you willing to do or have done for you?
  9. Have you considered landscape lighting or water features?
  10. What is your budget? What are the priority areas of the space?

Your landscaping is an extension of your home and your outdoor living space. Just like your house, it’s an investment that should last and that you should feel proud of. That’s why every outdoor living space completed by Project Landscape comes with our two year guarantee/warranty which you’ll find typically meets or surpasses other landscaping companies.

Project Landscape

What’s Your Project?